Population: 4.559 mn.
GDP: 14.11 bn.
Debt: 3.45 bn.

Constitutional change to permit President Denis Sassou-Nguesso to run for another seven-year term in 2016 is on the cards. The oil price slump may curb plans to assuage public opinion with development projects neglected for 30 years.

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  • Vol 56 No 4
  •  20th February 2015

The friendless mediator

An angry UN has asked Sassou to end the peace talks in Nairobi but has few better ideas about achieving reconciliation

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

Poor prospects ahead

The IMF predicts 6% growth but poverty still rises. Sassou has high hopes for Special Economic Zones as the end of oil looms

  • Vol 55 No 11
  •  30th May 2014

Sassou slaps Kabila

The recent expulsions of Congo-Kinshasa's nationals mark a new low in relations between the two capitals that face each other across the Congo River

  • Vol 54 No 24
  •  22nd November 2013

The Atlantic ports puzzle

Kinshasa cannot decide whether to develop its own outlet to the Atlantic or depend on Brazzaville. It’s all about geopolitics and special interests

  • Vol 54 No 22
  •  1st November 2013

Lessons from Luanda

Angola has been flexing its military muscles to remind Congo-Brazzaville exactly who is boss. In a security operation beginning on 13 October, Angolan forces seized 40 Congolese soldiers in the Kimongo area of Niari Prefecture, bordering Cabinda, where re...

  • Vol 53 No 21
  •  19th October 2012

A poverty of strategy

The President and his ministers respond to criticism of their economic policy by changing the goals but little else

  • Vol 53 No 21
  •  19th October 2012

Borrowing big

Building Congo-Brazzaville’s infrastructure, a more tangible goal than policy reform, has been taken to heart. It is overseen by the department for large projects, the Délégation générale des grands travaux, under Minister Jean-Jacques Bouya, a former Air...

  • Vol 53 No 7
  •  30th March 2012

Sassou for ever

The President remains confident his people and his donors will accept autocracy as a small price to pay for peace

  • Vol 53 No 7
  •  30th March 2012

Dying by the sword

Although he has long since traded in his uniform to rule as a civilian president, Denis Sassou-Nguesso likes to be associated with the pomp and power of the Forces armées congolaises. That’s why the devastating explosions on 4 March also damaged his repu...

  • Vol 51 No 5
  •  5th March 2010

Sassou's reforms on trial

The IMF and World Bank have given Sassou-Nguesso a clean bill of health but anti-corruption lobbyists diasgree

Displaying 1-10 out of 49 results.