Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Population: 17.42 mn.
GDP: $13.4 bn.
Debt: $2.56 bn.

After almost three decades of autocratic rule under Blaise Compaoré, this is transition year.  His presidential guard remains a menacing presence presence that most Burkinabès want to see the back of and then there are the machinations of the former President himself, all of which requires deft hands.

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  • Vol 56 No 4
  •  20th February 2015

Between street and barracks

The country prepares for a democratic dawn at the October elections but stubborn soldiers want their privileges guaranteed

  • Vol 56 No 1
  •  9th January 2015

Watching the dust settle

Filling the vacuum left by Compaoré’s long presidency will dominate the year ahead: the mass movement that ousted him will be on high alert

  • Vol 55 No 24
  •  5th December 2014

Truth and reconciliation

Early in his new job, Interim Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida sprang two surprises. The first was the 26 November announcement that the enquiry would be reopened into the death of Captain Thomas Sankara, killed in the 1987 counter-revolution. The second...

  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

Pressure mounts on Zida

The public is unhappy with Compaoré’s replacement by one of his Praetorians and many fear for the fate of their revolution

  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

The warning from Ouagadougou

The overthrow of Blaise Compaoré sends a powerful message from the street to other leaders planning to extend their rule

  • Vol 55 No 13
  •  27th June 2014

The knock-out stage

First it was President Blaise Compaoré's opponents who filled up the 35,000-capacity Stade du 4 Aôut in Ouagadougo on 31 May, and then it was the ruling Congrès pour la démocratie et le progrés (CDP). Compaoré want...

  • Vol 55 No 7
  •  4th April 2014

Tight spot for Blaise

Compaoré is running out of options. If he stays on, mass protests will continue but if he leaves, he may lose his money and could face trial

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

Blaise wants compromise

The three main defectors from President Blaise Compaoré’s ruling Congrès pour la démocratie et le progrès (CDP) launched their own political party on 25 January (AC Vol 55 No 2). Roch Marc Christian Kaboré is the ...

  • Vol 55 No 2
  •  24th January 2014

Rising up against Compaoré

Mass demonstrations and party defections signal that 26 years of Compaoré are enough for many people in Burkina but will it be enough to unseat him?

  • Vol 54 No 10
  •  10th May 2013

Keeping up with the Compaorés

The President’s control of national politics may be sure and his international backing stronger than ever but his succession strategy is risky

Displaying 1-10 out of 26 results.