Hon. General Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro

Hon. General Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro

Minister of Public Works

Career: Brigadier General , Forcas Armadas Populares de Libertacao de Angola; government spokesman, 1994; Leader of MPLA delegation at the Joint Political-Military Comission, 1996; Deputy Territorial Administration Minister 1997-2002; Minister of Public Works, 2002-date; Senior Country Economist, World Bank Washington Country Office - Angola.

Often considered a political lightweight, despite his rank, Carneiro won credibility during the battle for Luanda, repeatedly touring in an armoured car to survey the damage. He was in talks with UNITA's Gen 'Ben-Ben' as the battle erupted. In the subsequent two days' fighting, he was key to negotiations to end the violence. Gen. Carneiro was more conciliatory towards Jonas Savimbi and UNITA than FAA Chief of Staff General Joao de Matos. Carneiro publicly differed with De Matos on security issues such as opening up Angola's road network and demolishing road blocks. He backed power-sharing in Luanda, offering Savimbi the Vice Presidency during the 1994-96 talks. But General Carneiro's influence on the military waned as De Matos asserted his authority. Carneiro has been known as a voice of compromise in the FAA.

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The MPLA sticks to its course

The former Public Works Minister and current Governor of Cuando Cubango, Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, may reappear in Luanda in 2014, either as provincial governor or possibly interior minister...

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Luanda cows Lisbon

They are the Vice-President and former state oil company boss, Manuel Domingos Vicente, and General Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, former minister, senior figure in the governing Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola and businessman...

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The candidates line up

He worked for Angolan National Radio, the state broadcaster, and most see him as a protégé of General Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, Angola’s Minister of Public Works and one of the old guard of top generals in the ruling circle...

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Dos Santos prepares for power, again

Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, has been shown the exit, along with António Burity (Education), Salomão José Luheto Xirimbibi (Fisheries), Virgilio Fontes Pereira (Territorial Administration) and Manuel Rabelais (Social Communication)...

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The cement boom

Angola's Minister of Public Works, General Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, said in late 2008 that the country needed 4...

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Black gold flows

Last year's clean-up efforts by De Morais have been outweighed by bizarre debt deals and the continued power of old-guard politicians and apparatchiks, such as Public Works Minister Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro and the Presidential Security Advisor, General Helder Vieira Dias 'Kopelipa'...

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Ten years after

Rising stars include Secretary General Julião Mateus Paulo 'Dino Matross' and MPLA Vice-President António Domingos Pitra Costa Neto, augmented by three Dos Santos-loyalists: Public Works Minister Francisco Higino Lopes Carneiro, Security Advisor Gen...

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