David Omashola Carew
Sierra Leone

David Omashola Carew

Minister of Trade and Industry; Former Minister of Finance & Development

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Vol 50 N0 20


More power for Freetown

Three Musketeers Trade Minister David Carew, Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura and Defence Minister Palo Conteh like to call themselves 'The Three Musketeers'...

Vol 50 N0 5


Shake-up in Freetown

He was not thought up to his task at his former post, Trade and Industry, which is taken over by the former Finance Minister and former partner in accountants KPMG, David Carew - a surprising demotion that may spur on a sector whose potential is unrealised...

Vol 50 N0 4


Peace and the looming crisis

The urbane Finance Minister and one-time partner in financial company KPMG, David Carew, sometimes takes over subjects outside his Ministry's remit, such as mining and tourism, to ensure they are handled properly...

Vol 49 N0 14


Time to reshuffle

Finance Minister David Carew, Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura and Lands Minister Benjamin Davies are generally held in high esteem...

Vol 49 N0 3


Bring in the money

Finance Minister David Carew, Information Minister Alhaji I...

Vol 49 N0 1


From war to peace

Koroma’s team – former senior United Nations official Zeinab Bangura as Foreign Minister and international accountant David Carew as Finance Minister – combines figures from the ruling All People’s Congress, opposition and independent professionals...

Vol 48 N0 21


The new man picks his team

Appointed in two batches of ten, the first revealed a happy elite of technocratic experts, including seasoned auditor and KPMG Managing Partner David Carew, a Krio from the west, as new Minister of Finance and Development...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.