Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama

Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama

Founder of the Nkrumahist People's National Convention (PNC); 2008 PNC presidential candidate

Date of Birth: 15/04/1945
Place of Birth: Sumniboma

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Vol 53 N0 1


Great expectations

Yet it is split between a group led by Somtim Tobiga and the mainstream faction that includes Edward Nasigri Mahama and the General Secretary, Bernard Mornah (AC Vol 48 No 25, Race to the top)...

Vol 50 N0 2


Back to the battleground

If it secured the support of Edward Mahama's People's National Convention, which has two seats, the NDC would then have a slim majority to push bills through parliament...

Vol 49 N0 25


The winner has to wait

The People’s National Convention of Edward Mahama, who was standing for the presidency for a fourth time, saw its support crumble in its traditional strongholds in the northern Upper East and Upper West regions, losing three out of four MPs...

Vol 48 N0 25


Race to the top

The PNC is a Nkrumahist faction for which Edward Nasigri Mahama will make his fourth run for the presidency...

Vol 48 N0 11


Banished ballots

The NDC has support in its opposition to ROPAL from Edward Mahama's People's National Convention and from Danny Ofori-Atta's EGLE (Every Ghanaian Living Everyhere) party, an offshoot of the NDC...

Vol 47 N0 1


Oil and oligarchs

Potential partners include Goosie Tanoh's Reform Party, which broke with the NDC calling for more party democracy, and the moribund Convention People's Party, founded by the late Kwame Nkrumah in 1949, now deadlocked in merger talks with Edward Mahama's People's National Convention...

Vol 45 N0 24


Talk of the towns

All three northern regions are likely to vote heavily for the NDC or for Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama's Grand Coalition, which holds three northern seats in the current parliament...

Vol 45 N0 21


Smelling an elephant

Edward Nasigri Mahama's People's National Convention (PNC)...

The Grand Coalition presidential team consists of Ofori-Atta and the PNC's Edward Mahama; the coalition parties are the PNC, EGLE and the Great Consolidated People's Party led by the veteran Dan Lartey...

Vol 45 N0 16


Caution, democrats at work

Both the NDC and Edward Mahama's People's National Convention are expected to make gains in the North, where the Kufuor government has failed to bring to justice the people who murdered the Dagbon overlord, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, and 40 of his followers in March 2002 (AC Vol 43 No 8)...

Edward Mahama's People's National Convention (PNC) and the Nkrumahist Convention People's Party (CPP) are likely to make a mark...

Vol 41 N0 23


My country right and left

Edward Mahama (People's National Convention); another Nkrumahist party, drawing most of its support from the three northern regions but suspected of being linked to the NDC...

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