Hillary   Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of State

Date of Birth: 26/10/1947
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

On her June trip to the United Arab Emirates, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted two issues: the international coalition’s inability to shake the current regime in Libya and the rise of China. In Lusaka, she annoyed China, Zambia’s fastest-growing foreign investor, by warning that its increasing activity could become a ‘new colonialism’. Addressing African Union leaders in Addis Ababa, Clinton encouraged them to assist in the ousting of Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi – a major financial supporter of the AU – and to recognise the National Transitional Council.

Born in Chicago in 1947, Clinton studied political science at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, where she was involved in antiwar and civil rights campaigns. In 1973, she graduated from Yale Law School, where she met fellow student Bill Clinton. The couple moved to Arkansas and married the following year. As he climbed the ladder of Arkansas politics, she taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law, then joined Rose Law Firm. During this time, she became active in the child and family issues that would become a hallmark of the next stage of her career as First Lady. She played a prominent advisory role in her husband’s presidency (1993-2001), taking the lead on an ill-fated health-care reform initiative.

After Bill Clinton’s second term ended, Hillary Clinton carved out her own political identity, winning one of New York’s seats in the US Senate and re-election in 2006. In 2008, she campaigned for the Democratic Party’s nomination as presidential candidate, losing to Barack Obama. She was confirmed as his Secretary of State in 2009.

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