Mahmoud   Mohieldin

Mahmoud Mohieldin

Former Minister of Investment. A Managing Director of the World Bank Group

Date of Birth: 15/01/1965

Egypt’s Minister of Investment demonstrated unusual initiative in tackling the country’s long-running budget deficit. As Investment Minister, Mahmoud Mohieldin has knocked on doors throughout Asia in search of foreign investment for a wish list of infrastructure projects including the Red Sea port development and, particularly, the North-West Suez Gulf Economic Zone. 

He led a trade delegation to Vietnam for four days in January 2010, followed quickly by a tour of Suzhou and Shanghai in China. The Minister has already had luck enticing Tianjin Province to invest in the economic zone. That March, he called on Singapore, where he sought the interest of sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings and shipping company Neptune Orient Lines. 

Mohieldin is a former professor of economics at Cairo University. Born in 1965, he has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Cairo, a master’s in economics and social policy from York University (1990) and a doctorate in economics from Warwick University in Britain (1995).

Following his return to Egypt in 1995, he became advisor to the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Youssef Boutros-Ghali, who had embarked on a mission to liberalise Egypt’s economy and restructure its public enterprises. Mohieldin continues that mission as Minister of Investment, a post he took up in 2004.

A former member of the ruling National Democratic Party, Mohieldin served as Egypt’s Governor to the World Bank. He was also Alternate Governor of the African Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank, and has served as a director on the boards of the Central Bank of Egypt, HSBC Egypt and Telecom Egypt.

In September 2010 Mohieldin was appointed as one of the Managing Directors of the World Bank Group.

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