José Pedro de Morais

José Pedro de Morais

Governor of the Banco Nacional de Angola

Date of Birth: 20/12/1955
Place of Birth: Kuito, Bie Province

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Vol 51 N0 22


Daylight on Dos Santos

There are also reports in the Finance Ministry that former Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais, who fell out with Dos Santos, could also re-emerge in government...

Vol 51 N0 4


Dos Santos prepares for power, again

, who has steadily usurped the Finance Ministry’s remit to manage the economy, as it did under former Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais; the Ministry now mainly looks after the government’s accounts...

Finance Minister Eduardo Leopoldo Severim de Morais (who succeeded José de Morais in 2008) was also shown out after being implicated in a $137 million embezzlement scandal at the central bank, the Banco Nacional de Angola, that led to the arrest of 18 minor officials this month...

He and his old boss, José de Morais, were the respectable public faces (especially in the West) of Angola’s economy...

Vol 49 N0 18


Elections at last

Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais predicts 10% inflation by the end of 2008...

Vol 49 N0 16



Although Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais has won international plaudits for his technocratic talents, he has yet to prove that Angola has a means to counter the resource curse that has burdened other oil producers in the region...

Vol 48 N0 18


No ode to joy

The loan, which was to have been signed by Angolan Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais, now appears to be under review...

Vol 48 N0 7


Oil's new power

Angola's Finance Minister, José Pedro de Morais, was blunt about his country's future path, saying that Angola was not one of those African countries dependent upon the international community for budgetary support...

Vol 47 N0 25


Joining the big league

Costa was appointed to the Oil Ministry in December 2002, along with the reformers Fernando da Piedade dos Santos as Prime Minister and José Pedro de Morais as Finance Minister...

Vol 47 N0 24


A plan from the centre

Angola's Finance Minister, José Pedro de Morais, had been expected to visit Norway in late October, to sign up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a British-inspired plan, which is intended to open up the murky financial flows associated with oil and mining deals in developing countries...

Vol 47 N0 14


Beijing's embrace

In April, Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais announced that, as macro-economic indicators improved, debt repayments would be based on total government finance, not just on the revenue of the state oil company, the Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola (Sonangol), although oil would still be used as collateral for government loans...

Vol 47 N0 9


Sick note

Dos Santos is not keen on Jaime's reforming zeal but sees him as a key part of Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais's economic team, which claims credit for improving performance...

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