Samuel Kanyon Doe

Samuel Kanyon Doe

Former President of Liberia

Date of Birth: 06/05/1951
Place of Birth: Tuzon
Died: 09/09/1990

Education: Primary School, Turzon; R.B. Richardson Baptist Junior High School, Zwedru, dropped out in 1967

Career: Acting first Sergeant, Liberian Army, 1973; Corporal, 1975; Master Sergeant, 1979; Military ruler, Liberia, 1980-90

Commentary: A semi-literate ex-army sergeant, Samuel Doe's 1980 coup ended a century of Americo-Liberian power. Ousting President WIlliam Tolbert, he was initially popular but economic turmoil put an end to this and his regime was detested at home, though it remained supported by Washington. After the outbreak of the first Liberian Civil War in 1989, Doe was tortured and murdered in 1990, ten years after he seized power, by Prince Yormie Johnson, leader of a rebel faction.

A staunch football supporter, Doe spent thousands of scarce dollars on training and is one of the heroes of George Weah, the Congress for Democratic Change's 2005 presidential candidate and a former international football star, who visited Doe's grave just before the 2005 polls.

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Vol 55 N0 9


Family business under pressure

Soon after taking office in 2006, Johnson-Sirleaf promised to govern 'differently, decisively, breaking from the past', after the brutal regimes of President Charles Taylor and Samuel Doe, as well as 100 years of Americo-Liberian hegemony, when the country was dominated by a handful of families...

Vol 54 N0 10


Impunity in Freetown

Gadaffi had formed a visceral hatred for Liberia’s then military ruler, Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe, and decided to back Taylor’s guerrillas against him...

Vol 53 N0 18


Not out of the woods

Grand Gedeh is the home region of the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe, one of Johnson Sirleaf’s bitterest adversaries...

Vol 52 N0 22


Brinkmanship at the ballot

Johnson – populist, militaristic and widely known for choreographing and filming the torture and murder of ousted military leader Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe in 1990 – had said before the first round results were known that he would support Tubman in the second round...

Vol 52 N0 1


Johnson Sirleaf stands on her record

Although Johnson Sirleaf was criticised for her early encouragement of Charles Taylor’s military campaign to oust Samuel Doe’s regime, she quickly disassociated herself from that camp when she saw its brutal excesses...

Vol 51 N0 23


Challenging Madam President

Prince Johnson is considered a saviour by many in Nimba County for capturing former Liberian leader Samuel Kanyon Doe in 1990...

Vol 51 N0 19


Critics, crooks and credibility

Yet the adoption of the Freedom of Information Bill and the emergence of a feisty media suggest a democracy in rude health, compared to the regimes of Charles Taylor, Samuel Doe or William Tolbert...

Prince Johnson, former guerrilla leader and killer of Samuel Doe in 1990, will stand...

Vol 51 N0 10


A second term for Sirleaf

In response, the President has merged her Unity Party with the Liberia Unification Party (LUP) and the Liberian Action Party (LAP), former allies in the 1985 grand coalition against the regime of Samuel Doe...

Vol 50 N0 15


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - the sequel

This is despite a recommendation from Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) barring her and several others from public office for 30 years after they had admitted to supporting Charles Taylor's war against the Samuel Doe regime...

Vol 50 N0 14


No reconciliation, little truth

The President's alleged offence was to have had discussions in the late 1980s with Charles Taylor, then fighting to overthrow the late, brutal Samuel Doe...

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