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Population: 37.37m
GDP: $152.38bn
Debt: 70.4% GDP (2024)

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New satellite deal entrenches Israeli defence pact

A $1bn defence purchase lies at the heart of Rabat’s attempt to normalise relations with Tel Aviv

Morocco plans to acquire a spy satellite from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in a US$1 billion deal, in the latest move as part of its defence deal with Tel Aviv. The state-owne...


Global alliances trounce human rights

Backroom machinations have landed Morocco the coveted chair of the UN’s leading human rights body

Elections to the presidency of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) are normally a routine affair. But this year, Israel and Morocco's concerns that the issues of the civi...

Royalty shows signs of stress

The King’s private life is causing alarm as questions about the succession increase alongside fears over drought and ‘normalisation’ with Israel

Deep discomfort in and out of the Palace is abroad over a resurgence of reports about King Mohammed VI's (M6) friendship with three Moroccan-German Mixed Martial Arts fighters with...


Brussels stays on the hook

The first test of EU-Morocco relations following the Qatargate corruption scandal suggests that Brussels is as keen as before to partner with Rabat. The European Commission confirm...

Qatargate fuels Rabat's schism with Euro MPs

Relations between the European Parliament and Morocco are nosediving, jeopardising agreements on trade, energy and migration

The fall-out from the Qatargate scandal is tarnishing both the European Parliament, the European Union's legislature, and Morocco's security services. It will also complicate effor...


Qatargate probe turns the heat on Rabat

Belgium's judicial investigation into the bribery of European politicians is going beyond Qatar to include Morocco

It is the biggest probe into corruption in the European Union for over two decades and centres on claims that Qatar and Morocco bought influence in the European parliament. In the ...


Displaying 1-10 out of 125 results.