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Population: 49.14m
GDP: $26.87bn
Debt: 280.3% GDP (2024)

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As the civil war threatens the region, the UAE boosts Hemeti’s militia

Neighbouring states are staking out their positions after serial peace efforts have failed to rein in Sudan’s rival military factions

With over 10 million people internally displaced and a further two million forced to flee to Chad, Egypt and South Sudan, the war between Sudan’s rival miliary factions has c...


Egypt-backed peace talks make slow progress

Rival factions met in Cairo for reconciliation discussions but deep divisions limited the prospects for meaningful progress

The latest international attempts – this time by Egypt – to broker peace talks between the two sides in the civil war are already struggling. Cairo, which backs the Sud...



Moscow changes sides

Russia's deal to supply arms to the SAF in exchange for a Red Sea naval base could mark a turning point in Sudan's civil war

The decision by the Sudanese army to allow a Russian naval base to be built in exchange for arms could mark a pivotal step in the civil war.


Facing no pressure, the generals escalate their war again

After a year of fighting that has all but destroyed the country, outsiders either ignore or sponsor the rival military factions

It was a cruelly surreal moment after a year of what has become the world's most destructive war, with over 8 million people driven from their homes and 17m now facing the threat o...

Funds raised but no political progress at the Paris conference

Obsessed by Gaza and Ukraine, delegates couldn’t agree on a path to restart ceasefire negotiations

On 15 April, a year after war between the rival military factions broke out in Sudan, France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union hosted an international conference...


Fighting in Darfur risks humanitarian disaster, warns UN

The threat of bloodshed, mass famine and starvation is growing as conflict in the year-long civil war intensifies in North Darfur

The 800,000 civilians living in the Sudanese city El Fasher are in 'extreme and immediate danger', the United Nations aid operations director, Edem Wosornu, has warned the UN secur...


Ceasefire efforts resume as Burhan's forces go on offensive

After a year of the generals' war, the UN says the country is weeks away from a 'catastrophic hunger crisis'

International alignments on the Sudan civil war are shifting and there are multiple attempts to revive the stalled talks for a ceasefire ahead of a feared escalation in fighting.


IGAD returns to Sudan negotiations with a peace envoy

The authority said Korbandy would provide 'pivotal good offices' in seeking to get Burhan and Hemeti to the negotiating table

The Horn of Africa's Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) named South Sudanese lawyer Lawrence Korbandy as Special Envoy for Sudan on Tuesday.


Displaying 1-10 out of 563 results.