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Dr Jeffrey David Sachs

Date of Birth: 05/11/1954
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

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Helpless about AIDS

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for International Development at Harvard and a hard-headed campaigner for the world's poor, says international investors are 'dumb-struck' at the government's inadequate response...

The centre isn't holding

As African governments and the United Nations belatedly hammer out the message on HIV-AIDS, campaigners for cheaper drugs - such as the HIV retrovirals and anti-malarials - will take centre stage, backed by economists such as Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs and Ghana's former Finance Minister, Kwesi Botchwey...

Hard loans

Nigeria's stance will also hearten campaigners such as Jubilee 2000, which has been pushing for debt-forgiveness, as well as Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs, who has pressed for a write-off of Nigeria's debt in several financial papers in Europe and the USA...

Life after debt

This time, it's backed by such mainstream economists as Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Ghana's former Finance Minister Kwesi Botchwey, in league with the growing band of debt lobbyists and sympathetic politicians...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.