General Antonio Jose Maria

Chief of Military Intelligence

Date of Birth: 06/03/1946
Place of Birth: Lubango

Married Maria Victoria da Silva Izata, 1975, with one child.

Career: Cadet, 1973; Military Instructor, Luanda, 1973; Second Lieutenant, 1973; Second Company Commandant, 1973-75; Member, Movimento das Forcas Armadas, 1974; Commander, Quibala Front, 1975; Captain, 1976; FAPLA Commander, Sao Tome e Principe, 1978; Secretary to the President for Defence and Security, 1978; Chief, Military Counter-Intelligence, 1982; Member, Provincial Assembly, Huambo, 1982-92; Colonel, 1985; General, FAPLA, 1991; Deputy Chief of General Staff (Doctrine and Education) 1992-; Chief of Military Intelligence.

After the 1992 return to war Maria's star fell slightly. Formerly he was among the most powerful men in Angola, following a decade as Secretary for Defence and Security in the Presidency. He is a renaissance soldier with religious education and military training in the Portuguese (paratroopers) and Angolan armies; he has combined military intelligence jobs with civilian politics and was part of negotions, on behalf of President dos Santos, with Cabindan secessionists.

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