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Radical climate finance strategies go mainstream
Leaders of the IMF and World Bank back carbon taxes and a plan to end fossil fuel subsidies | By Tim Concannon
Africa Confidential, October 2023

China, Europe and the US mull tariff war amid scramble for Africa's green minerals
Corporate rivalries and geopolitical tensions disrupt markets for electric vehicles | By Tim Concannon
Africa Confidential, October 2023

Fight over control of loss and damage fund dominates pre-summit talks
Key questions are whether the World Bank or the UN will control the new fund – and the cost of its loans | Special Report by Tim Concannon
Africa Confidential, October 2023

The 28th UN Conference of the Parties Climate Summit – a users' guide
How to navigate the facts, the figures and the declarations | By Tim Concannon and Jerry Sam in Accra and Caroline Chebet in Nairobi
Africa Confidential, December 2023

What did the UN COP28 Climate summit deliver for Africa?
The final communiqué at the end of the UN COP28 summit in Dubai on 13 December produced what its authors hailed as a breakthrough – it approved a roadmap for 'transitioning away from fossil fuels' | By Tim Concannon
Africa Confidential, December 2023

Report of the Public Accounts Committee COSASE on The report of The Auditor General on the Uganda National Airline Company Ltd for FY 2020-2021 and the Operations of UNACL
Uganda Airlines has lost US$137 million since it launched in August 2019, according to this parliamentary public accounts committee report
Africa Confidential, January 2023

How Vincent Bolloré came to dominate business in Togo – using money, media and merchandise
Africa Confidential presents a Special Report on the Breton tycoon’s growing influence in Africa. Far from quitting the continent, Vincent Bolloré’s business and political interests in Africa are deepening – even as he faces trial in Paris for grand corruption in league with two West African leaders. By Andrew Weir and Nicolas Vescovacci
Africa Confidential, May 2022

How Vincent Bolloré won control of Ghana's biggest port
French billionaire Vincent Bolloré added Tema to the 15 West African ports he already controlled by ripping off the country, a secret report says. By Andrew Weir
Africa Confidential, March 2021

Confidential Ministry of Transport – Ministerial Committee Report
'A review of concession agreements between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Services Limited' February 2018
Africa Confidential, March 2021

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Report of the Ad Hoc Committee
'To verify an determine the actual subsidy requirements and monitor the implementation of the subsidy regime in Nigeria'
Africa Confidential, April 2012

Interview with Hailemariam Desalegn
Africa Confidential interviews Ethiopia's Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn
Africa Confidential, January 2011

What's next for Nigeria's banks?
Exclusive interview with Mallam Lamido Aminu Sanusi, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
Africa Confidential, May 2010

Interview with Father Matthew Hassan Kukah

Father Matthew Hassan Kukah is a remarkable Nigerian. A Catholic priest born in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria and fluent in several Nigerian languages, he has worked hard to promote understanding across ethnic and religious fault lines. An idealist in the sense that he wants Nigeria to be a far better country than it is and that he believes its peoples have the capacity to take it there, he is also a brutal realist in his assessments of the country's current political and developmental state.

Africa Confidential, August 2010

Malawi and the Hunger Gap
Interview with Elvis Sukali of Oxfam, Malawi, 23 October 2009
Africa Confidential, October 2009

On the brink of massive failure
Diplomatic double-standards and an international resource grab are stoking one of the worst wars in the world
Africa Confidential, November 2009

Kayode Fayemi: Ekiti Governorship Candidate
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, May 2009

Meles Zenawi
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, May 2009

Inside Kenya's elections 2008
An eyewitness account of the announcement of the results at the Kenya Conference Centre
Africa Confidential, January 2008

Liberia's big challenge
Abraham Conneh of Oxfam, Liberia, talks to Africa Confidential about education in post-conflict Liberia
Africa Confidential, May 2008

AU investigation of Haskanita attack in Darfur
This preliminary report by the then African Union Mission in Sudan on the attack on AMIS peacekeepers of 29-30 September 2007 has never been published. A fuller, December 2007 AMIS report on the attack appears not even to have leaked. The attack by rebels at Haskanita, Darfur, is not to be confused with the ambush of the Unitd Nations-AU Mission in Sudan on 8 July 2008 near El Geneina, when seven UNAMID troops died, apparently at the hands of government-backed militia.
Africa Confidential, October 2007

Donald Kaberuka
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, May 2007

ZANU-PF National Conference December 2006
Special reports from the conference
Africa Confidential, December 2006

Jacob Zuma
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, March 2006

Femi Kuti: Son of the Shrine
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, June 2005

Baaba Maal: A Voice for Africa
The Africa Confidential Interview
Africa Confidential, April 2005

On her Majesty's secret service
Is Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) training Sudanese spies?
Africa Confidential, January 2005

Zimbabwe Elections 2005
What happened in Matebeleland?
Africa Confidential, April 2005

Holding Gleneagles to account
Africa Confidential post-G8 summit report
Africa Confidential, July 2005

Mercenary fandango
The South African mercenaries detained in Bioko and Zimbabwe were en route to Malabo to oust President Obiang - but at whose instigation?
Africa Confidential, March 2004

Caught in the crossfire
Africa Confidential's Special Report on Africa/Iraq and the United Nations Security Council
Africa Confidential, March 2003

Interview with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame
Patrick Smith, Editor of Africa Confidential, and William Wallis, for the Financial Times, spoke to the Rwandan President, General Paul Kagame, at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London, UK, on 18 October 2002, about the Report of the United Nations Expert Panel on the Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Africa Confidential, October 2002

Chronology of Sierra Leone
How diamonds fuelled the conflict
Africa Confidential, April 1998

Africa’s new state

Eritrea declared independence from Ethiopia 19 years ago. After overseeing a bloody border war with Ethiopia in which an estimated 120,000 Eritreans and Ethiopians died, Issayas Afeworki's government remains isolated in both the Horn and the international community.

The ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice is yet to sign a constitution into law, hold a general election or allow the formation of political opposition. Most Eritreans are either locked into lifetime military service or imprisoned in shipping containers. A blind spot on the world's radar, Eritrea is said to be the world's most restricted media environment.

Our report from 30 April 1993 highlights lingering uncertainties over the EPLF's democratic credentials and tensions with Ethiopia as Eritrea prepared to become Africa's newest state.

Africa Confidential, April 1993

Too many Generals

The final format of the transitional government will take several weeks to emerge. The announcement today of a 15-man all-military council can be construed partly as a tough response to yesterday's statement by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) commander, Col. John Garang, that the guerrilla war in the south would continue if power was not handed over to civilians within seven days. The exclusion of civilians from the council appears to be a tactical error. Garang's ultimatum was also unrealistic. But with Jaffar Nimeiri's ousting, the pandora's box is opened: politically nothing can be excluded in the immediate future.

Africa Confidential, April 1985

What will Rawlings do?

Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings staged his first military coup as a young revolutionary in May 1979. When it failed, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Following another coup mounted by junior army officers in June 1979, Rawlings was set free, and became Head of State under the banner of the the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council. In September 1979, the AFRC handed over power to Hilla Limann of the People's National Party, after he won the presidential elections.

In 1981, Rawlings toppled Limann in yet another coup. He remained a military dictator for 12 years until he was elected President in 1993, a position he held until 2001, when John Kufuor's New Patriotic Party (NPP) government came to power.

Although praised by many in the West as a democratic figure, especially in comparison to his counterparts in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Rawlings has not been able to shake off the stigma of military dictator.
Africa Confidential, June 1979

The royal escape
An incompetent plot by right-wing officers to oust King Hassan II resulted in his 42nd birthday party being disrupted by a spectacular shoot out in the palace grounds. In the aftermath Hassan responded with a characteristic mix of political manoeuvring and a relentless security crackdown. Africa Confidential's correspondent in Rabat had evidently been attending the birthday, or was close to someone who was, and provides an account of the failed coup in considerable and interesting detail.
Africa Confidential, July 1971