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Population: 29.78 mn.
GDP: $124.21 bn.
Debt: $37.2 bn.

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J-Lo suffers party backlash

The credibility of President's break with the country's kleptocratic and undemocratic recent past is fading fast

President João Lourenço promised an end to the corruption that characterised the rule of his predecessor, José Eduardo dos Santos, to the impunity of the ruling Movimento Popular ...

Mounting protests face police violence

Young activists are demonstrating against rocketing prices, worsening unemployment  and double-standards on corruption

President João Lourenço faces deepening public anger over the country's economic implosion and accusations that his anti-corruption campaign is replacing one set of dishonest offic...

Lourenço faces the crunch

The campaign to recover loot is popular, and the IMF is supportive, but the numbers are terrible

The pursuit by investigative journalists and Luanda's prosecutors of Isabel dos Santos offers a temporary distraction from the country's economic meltdown. Enthusiasm to see Isabel...

The fight over the missing billions goes global

The Lourenço government expands its search for stolen assets, launching an international campaign against the Dos Santos clan

In what is set to be a gargantuan legal battle stretching over many years, the government of President João Lourenço is stepping up action to recover several billion dollars in ass...

Lourenço woos New York elite

Under pressure from falling revenues, mounting debt and high expectations, the President pledges radical change

With sweeping promises of a multi-billion-dollar privatisation programme, including the state oil company Sonangol, President João Lourenço attracted top diplomats and business peo...

Sonangol's head rolls

The state oil company’s chair took the blame for chronic fuel shortages but there are deeper currents at work

The sacking of Sonangol chair Carlos Saturnino Guerra Sousa e Oliveira on 8 May is a deeply political affair, according to sources in Luanda. Saturnino replaced the billionaire Isa...

Goodbye to all that

President Lourenço’s long honeymoon will come to an end as public focus shifts to the economy

João Lourenço will consolidate his power in 2019, cashing in on his popularity and position as President of both the country and the ruling Movimento Popular de Liber...

Displaying 1-10 out of 266 results.