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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Population: 22.1m
GDP: $12.87 bn.
Debt: $3.12 bn.

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Palace coup could usher in Moscow's mercenaries

New leader Captain Traoré says security crisis forced his faction to seize power but it could work with Russia, Turkey or the US military

On 3 October, a day after he was confirmed in power in Ouagadougou, new military leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré told a sceptical audience that he understood the urgency of th...

Compaoré's return baffles nation

The junta invited the ousted dictator back to the capital, defying court verdicts and enraging the public. But some of the elite still have time for him

Looking frail and disoriented, Blaise Compaoré returned to Ouagadougou on 7 July for the first time since a popular revolt eight years ago swept him out of power and into ex...

Another domino falls to the military

After a day of shooting in the capital, Lt Col Damiba takes over brandishing a resignation letter from the ousted leader

The military takeover in Ouagadougou, the third in West Africa in a year, is a challenge to neighbouring governments, especially Niger, and the region's wider security strategy. In...

Jihadist terror tops the agenda

Amid increasingly deadly Islamist attacks, army reform is more urgent than ever and risks of a coup have risen

Reversing the spread of jihadist terrorist violence will be the dominant theme for Burkina Faso's government, especially as it has started to affect three of its four southern neig...

Burkina without Barkhane

The army needs French support to handle the jihadist challenge but public confidence in their security forces is weak

Security sources in Burkina Faso are proud of their retaliation against the jihadist forces that carried out the massacre in the village of Solhan in the country's east on 5 June w...

Displaying 1-10 out of 68 results.