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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Population: 24.06m
GDP: $21.9bn
Debt: 63.3% of GDP (2024)

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The juntas dig in as instability worsens

Burkina’s leader Captain Traoré wants five more years in power but his army is losing badly against the jihadis

The standing of Burkina Faso’s transitional leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré, who seized power in September, has hit a new low. But public opinion is the least of his woe...

The juntas are running out of excuses

Populist rhetoric and ethnic targeting by the military regimes are deepening the region's fault-lines

The lean season in the Sahel this year is starting under the toughest economic and political conditions for generations. Mali and Burkina Faso have been baked by a record-breaking ...

Junta press-gangs the press

Rasmané Zinaba and Bassirou Badjo, youth leaders in the pro-democracy movement Balai Citoyen (Citizen Sweep), were abducted on 20 February and 21 February respectively by un...


Junta is latest to sign Russian nuclear pact

Push into civilian energy markets in Africa continues as the shift away from fossil fuels opens up opportunities for Moscow to export its technology

Burkina Faso is the latest African state to strike a deal on nuclear energy with Russia as the Kremlin continues its push towards civilian nuclear markets. Ministers confirmed that...


Putsch or purge?

On 27 September, the government informed the nation that a conspiracy to overthrow it had been foiled. The announcement came just days before the first anniversary of Captain Ibrah...

Junta leader banks on autocracy

The latest captain to run the country wants militias, censorship and army discipline to save the nation from the jihadists, and he doesn’t want help

Military junta leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré is setting out his programme for victory in the war against militant jihadists, who have taken 40% of the country, killed thousa...

Restive Tuareg ramp up tension

The Algiers peace accord is in danger of unravelling as both Mali and Burkina Faso struggle under new challenges from the jihadists

While Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea talk of grand plans for diplomatic and economic cooperation, the already desperate Sahel security crisis has taken another turn for the worse.

West Africa’s juntas look east

Ouagadougou is set to be the next military regime to invite Russian mercenaries after giving France a month for its troops to leave

Captain Ibrahim Traoré's regime has brushed aside the concerns of fellow members of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) and gone even further than Mali an...


Palace coup could usher in Moscow's mercenaries

New leader Captain Traoré says security crisis forced his faction to seize power but it could work with Russia, Turkey or the US military

On 3 October, a day after he was confirmed in power in Ouagadougou, new military leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré told a sceptical audience that he understood the urgency of th...

Displaying 1-10 out of 76 results.