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Population: 6.91m
GDP: $48.22bn
Debt: No data

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Tuareg-Wagner clash in Libya?

Unconfirmed reports in Tripoli claim that a group of Tuareg fighters in southwestern Libya has captured some Wagner Group soldiers there in revenge for the capture of Kidal, in nor...

Murky waters around Tobruk

Eyebrows have been raised in Washington DC by the lobbying contract filed in October between the Libyan House of Representatives, now based in Benghazi, and K-Street outfit Vogel G...

How militias police the Mediterranean for Europe

Accused by the UN of heinous rights abuses, militias tied to Dubaiba and Haftar now run border control

Militias linked to the Tripoli-based Government of National Unity (GNU) and its erstwhile rivals in the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by General Khalifa Haftar have taken over nat...

All quiet on the Wagner front

The Kremlin's mercenaries are still key to Khalifa Haftar's military strength but he has no interest in stirring up yet more trouble

The current hiatus in Libya's civil war means any effects on the Wagner Group's Libyan operations from the crisis in Russia would have been hard to spot. The mercenaries remain the...

Cave-in hits bitcoin miners

Up to 60 Chinese nationals, along with an undisclosed number of Libyans, were arrested in western Libya last month when police discovered major illegal Bitcoin-mining operations.

Coastguard in the dock

European Union backing for Libyan authorities who stop and detain migrants means the bloc has 'aided and abetted' rights violations against migrants, according to Chaloka Beyani, t...

Energy drives Italy's turn to Libya

Rome desperately needs North Africa's gas and is making  commercial and political investments in Libya

Italy has already replaced Russia as its main supplier of gas, which is transforming its strategic relationship with North Africa, especially Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Rome intends...

Displaying 1-10 out of 143 results.