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South Sudan

South Sudan

Population: 10.74m
GDP: $12bn
Debt: 29.7% of GDP (2023 forecast)

news from South Sudan

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Polls fail to brighten outlook

The world's newest state still awaits its first post-independence elections – now scheduled for December – which are supposed to end almost a decade of civil war. But p...

Mix-up costs Juba envoy

The long-serving South Sudanese ambassador to the United Nations, Akuei Bona Malwal, is being recalled to Juba after a series of misunderstandings which enraged President Salva Kii...

Forgotten but not gone

The civil war in Sudan is distracting attention from the desperate plight of its southern neighbour with its own stalled peace process

'Many of us who are accustomed to the prevarication of the parties in the South Sudanese peace process think they are using the outbreak of civil war in their country's northern ne...


Salva's improbable Washington lobbyist

A mysterious new advocate for the Juba regime has surfaced in Washington as pressure mounts over corruption and political violence

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has organised an unlikely lobbying agreement covering sanctions relief and presidential meetings, ahead of his visit to the United States in December ...


The IMF picks up the cheque as officials grumble

A hefty loan with few conditions raises questions as the government is lambasted for rights abuses and its opaque finances

Civil servants in Juba joke that even if they see their monthly pay-check, it's all gone by the time they have paid for a haircut. Now the International Monetary Fund has offered a...

Oil on audit

South Sudan's oil sector, which accounts for 85% of government revenue, has resisted an audit amid a litany of scandals and repeated promises of opening the books. But internationa...

Economy running on fumes

Tumbling oil revenues have severely dented government finances, as debts mount and donors baulk at picking up the bill

South Sudan's economy is dead on its feet. Falling oil prices have squeezed government revenues, sending hard currency reserves tumbling and inflation soaring. Political stability ...

Juba shops for new image

The leaders of South Sudan, notorious for its civil war, inconclusive peace deals and corruption, have found $280,500 to hire a lobbyist to try to persuade the United States govern...

The sick men of Africa

With three out of five vice-presidents, 10 cabinet members and all but one of the now disbanded High-Level Task Force on Coronavirus having tested positive for Covid-19, there is m...

Displaying 1-10 out of 136 results.