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Population: 95.89m
GDP: $55.35bn
Debt: 10.8% of GDP (2023 forecast)

news from Congo-Kinshasa

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Gertler's end

In a landmark deal with the Kinshasa government, the US-sanctioned Israeli mining oligarch agrees to close his businesses in the country

Israeli magnate Dan Gertler's near 25-year stint at the heart of Congo-Kinshasa's mining industry is drawing to a close after he confirmed his agreement to a settlement with Presid...


Horse-trading risks poll delay

The President is trying to decide whether to contest or postpone December's polls while juggling his political alliances and musing on threats in the east

President Félix Tshisekedi has been consolidating power, but that does not mean accountability and better governance are any closer than when he fraudulently won the preside...

Scrambling for a Pax Swahili

Kenya's entry into the Congolese crucible is driven more by hopes of diplomatic and commercial gains than military adventurism

It is hanging by a thread. A truce, signed in Luanda with only the tacit participation of the principal antagonist, guaranteed by a phone call between Kenya's former President Uhur...

Big Tech's ethical mining rules thrown into chaos

A row over a scheme to outlaw minerals produced by companies using child labour or financing wars in Central Africa will hit global supply chains

The world's biggest tech companies – including Alphabet, Apple, Samsung and Tesla – buying tin, tungsten and coltan from Central Africa face a supply chain crisis after...

Conflicted over conflict

The international community's weak and contradictory responses to the fighting between the Congolese army and Tutsi rebel group M23 means that, apart from criticism from the United...


Kampala pays war reparations to Kinshasa

In his eagerness to woo Tshisekedi, Museveni makes a down payment on disputed debt

Uganda's move to pay the first US$65 million installment towards its $325m reparations bill to Congo-Kinshasa, despite describing the Netherlands-based International Court of Justi...


Once silenced, twice shy

Russia and China froze the UN Group of Experts on Congo for five months—now the group is far warier of criticising China

Russia and China, increasingly intolerant of criticism of their nationals in United Nations reports, froze the work of several UN Groups of Experts during 2021 and 2022. The two su...

Displaying 1-10 out of 523 results.