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Africa Confidential's reporting and analysis is valued by a wide range of organisations and individuals: from corporate executives, country risk analysts, national politicians and members of the diplomatic corps, to intelligence operatives, academics, journalists and NGO personnel.

Here's just a small sample of who relies on Africa Confidential to keep them on the cutting edge of African developments – and why.


"In short: it is excellent! Very informative and interesting. Also well organised and easy to browse through and access to the different articles."

Lt. Col. Daniel Martella, Military Planning Service, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations


"Africa Confidential is without doubt the best written, best informed and most enjoyable publication on contemporary Africa currently available.

Over the past fifty years it has built up an unparalleled network of reliable informants across the length and breadth of the continent. It has also earned an enviable reputation for political, economic and social reporting that eschews editorial grand standing in favour of carefully constructed, balanced and realistic analysis.

The range and scope of its articles is truly remarkable, and at a time when African developments are too often ignored by the mainstream electronic and print media, or at best treated in isolation from one another, it is indispensable reading for anyone who needs to keep abreast with what is going on across the continent."

Prof. James Mayall, Emeritus Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor of International Relations, University of Cambridge, and Academic Advisor to the Royal College of Defence Studies


"We regard Africa Confidential as one of our best and most reliable sources of information and analysis."

Intelligence Assessment Service, Privy Council Office, Government of Canada

"Judging from the feed back we get from our users, as well as from usage statistics, I believe that Africa Confidential had proved to be an indispensable source of reference for Bank for reliable data and information on Africa.  At the Knowledge and Virtual Resources Centers of the AfDB, we always ensure that our information portal provides an undisrupted access to Africa Confidential. 

I strongly recommend that Africa Confidential be put at the disposal of all libraries and information center in Africa, particularly in countries where access to reliable information is often restricted by political or financial barriers."

Bakri Abdul Karim, Head: Knowledge and Virtual Resources Center,The African Development Bank, Tunisia 


"You are the best reporter on Africa alive. I look forward to your Intel."

Robert Stewart, CEO, Hawk Uranium Inc., USA


"If you want the detail and you want the dirt, the little blue newsletter [Africa Confidential] that drops through your letter box is like having your own private spook who knows Africa inside out and who's also one hell of a gossip.

Sometimes I'll be immersed on the insider politics of Kenya or Nigeria while sitting on top of a London bus, and I'll find myself metaphorically transported too.  If I'm reading into a story before I head off to some far-flung part of the DRC or Chad or Zimbabwe, Africa Confidential provides the detailed background briefing so few are otherwise qualified to give: the who's doing what where -- and why."

Jonathan Miller, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News, London, UK

"As bureau chief for Reuters East Africa between 2005-2009, I found Africa Confidential extremely useful for its insightful, detailed and always interesting cover of the continent's political and economic trends. The newsletter was essential reading in my office."

Andrew Cawthorn, Bureau Chief, Reuters Andean Region


"Since the demise of reporting on Africa in Western newspapers, and especially in the UK, in recent years, Africa Confidential has become ever more indispensable to anyone trying to make sense of the continent. It provides the context one needs to understand vast changes Sudan has undergone since the signing of the peace agreement in 2005 and the explosion of conflict in Darfur. The scope of its coverage of everything from the latest mining deals and rebel uprisings in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the political crisis in Kenya since the 2007 election is simply unparalleled."

Karl Maier, Africa & Middle East Editor, Bloomberg News

"Africa Confidential remains the one indispensable source of information and analysis for those concerned with political and economic developments on the continent. Lively writing, consistently shrewd judgements and deeply informed coverage of every African country make it a unique resource for anyone who needs to understand what is happening, and what may be about to happen."

John Ryle, Legrand Ramsey Professor of Anthropology, Bard College NY, USA and Chair, Rift Valley Institute


"Africa Confidential: written by journalists, read by spooks – and by everyone else, businessman and investor, politician or plotter, aid workers or diplomats... with a serious interest in Africa."

Michael Holman, Africa Editor of the Financial Times from 1984 to 2002

"Thank you for a wonderful, and informative website."

Simon Allison, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, London 

"Africa Confidential entered my professional life in 1982, as soon as I began work in the continent. Leafing through the tidy stack of sky-blue newsletters in the Reuters bureau in Abidjan, I understood why they were so well-thumbed and so tightly guarded. Ever since, I have admired Africa Confidential as an authoritative and balanced source of information about the people, the politics and the money that shape today's Africa.

It's unashamedly directed at an expert audience but the writing style is straightforward and the editorial navigation -- to avoid inaccuracy, litigation and humdrum developments -- has  impressed me. The daily pressure of news agency journalism is behind me now, but I find Africa Confidential just as useful today as it was when I first encountered it; a speed-reading session through my back-numbers, before I head off to work in any African country, big or small, is an essential ritual."
Nick Kotch, former Africa Bureau Chief for Reuters, now works all over the continent as a commentator, media consultant and journalism trainer.

"Great news and analysis -- keep up the good work!"

J. P. Unger, Policy Analyst, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

"Africa Confidential is one of my favourite publications on sub-Saharan Africa because it names names. Without understanding personalities and their networks, it is difficult to make sense out of politics and business on the continent, and Africa Confidential connects the dots. Mainstream publications can't and won't do this, and that's where the value of a subscription to Africa Confidential lies."

Andrea Bohnstedt, Publisher Ratio Magazine & Independent Country Risk Analyst

"The publications are so informative and offer a good critical perspective with great investigative reporting!  It's by far the best reporting about the political economy in African countries."

Simon Sentamu, MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, Arusha, Tanzania

"Africa Confidential has been an essential part of my background reading and destination preparation on the continent for more than 20 years, from the old days of fortnightly blue newsprint to the fast and intuitive online incarnation of today. 

In my view it's still easily the best one-stop shop available for incisive analysis, succinct data and inside scoops, and I've recommended it to hundreds of thousands of readers in more than a dozen editions of Rough Guides to West Africa, Kenya and The Gambia."

Richard Trillo, Author, Rough Guides to West Africa, Kenya and The Gambia

"Brilliant site thoughtful and incredibly useful, especially for a student of African politics."

Ed Coughlan, Student, SOAS, London

"Fantastic service that you provide. Africa Confidential is the best one-stop shop for information on the continent."

Jim Boyd, Consultant, Australia

"Very interesting website indeed."

Richard Veillon, UNESCO, Paris

"Africa Confidential is an important reference point."

Hassan Arouni, Senior Producer, BBC World Service, London

"Best news on Africa..."

Adam Choppin, President, Fronteira Global Consulting, USA

"I appreciate the bravery and candidness of the reporting -- being an African I understand what it takes to report with such honesty and lack of bias.  We need this to understand a world where nothing is really what looks like at face value. Please keep it up."

Floribert Mwelwa, Gaborone, Botswana

"Africa Confidential is a must read for anyone whether in business or just after a general understanding of Africa.  Keep up the good work guys."

Bryan Mutambiranwa, Director, London

"Your site is of the highest quality."

Doye Agama, Consultant, Manchester

"I like your well researched articles.  Most people are misinformed about Africa and your articles are very important in cascading meaningful information."

Kennedy Kanyuchi, Project Delivery Manager, Birmingham, UK 

"You provide the best coverage of Africa available!"

Nikolas Emmanuel, Assistant Professor: Political Science, Oklahoma State University, USA

"Great work, good analysis, very necessary."

Benedict Moran, School of International Affairs, Columbia University, New York

"You are my preferred choice for information on Africa."

Peter Clausen, Africa Unit, General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, Brussels

"Excellent news and analysis."

Raul Carrera, Political Affairs Officer, United Nations, New York

"Africa Confidential is an important resource for scholars and teachers of African politics.  I have regularly used in my courses."

Parakh Hoon, Assistant Professor: Political Science, Virginia Tech, USA