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Taking the fifth

Both the presidential frontrunners say they are heading for victory on 9 August in an election that will be decided by turnout in key battleground regions

The presidential election on 9 August is on a knife edge as the campaigns draws to a close amid mounting concerns about the independence and efficiency of the electoral commission.


Questions about the electoral referee

A dysfunctional electoral commission is targeted again amid growing fears of vote manipulation and political interference

Whatever doubts existed about the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s ability to supervise next week’s general election have only deepened in the final stretch of th...

MPs with fewer benefits

Kenyan lawmakers joining Parliament and county assemblies after the 9 August general elections will receive fewer perks than their predecessors, though that will still leave them a...

Food crisis deepens as world looks to Ukraine

New President Hassan Sheikh has to respond to the imminent deaths of tens of thousands from starvation – a calamity which his foes, local and foreign, will try to exploit

The worsening drought and food crisis in Somalia – where someone is likely to die every 48 seconds from acute hunger linked to conflict according to British aid agencies &nda...


Hassan Sheikh seeks new foreign allies

The new president has been touring the region, gauging his support among the neighbours and geopolitical heavyweights as tensions build

With funding and diplomatic attention diverted to Ukraine, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his fellow leaders in the Horn of Africa are trying to manage the region's security c...

When the political descends to the personal

An election campaign focused more on insults than policy is doing little to calm fears about disputed results

Ahead of the 9 August presidential elections, former prime minister Raila Odinga has eked out a narrow opinion poll lead over Deputy President William Ruto in recent weeks, but nei...

Heat of war shifts to the centre

Tensions may be easing between Addis and Tigray, but in Oromia the bitterness of ethno-nationalist conflict remains strong

The intensity of violence between Oromo and Amhara communities is militating against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's attempts to co-opt moderates on both sides, as fresh atrocities mul...

Parties divided on sharing power

The junta's declaration of a new way to rule the country leaves the opposition unable to decide on what to do. But Burhan is also out of options

Ever since Gen Abdel Fattah al Burhan declared on television that the army and civilians would have separate responsibilities in running the country on 4 July, Sudanese have been t...

Washington raises its trade offer

The confirmation by the United States Senate that Hewlett Packard chief executive Margaret Whitman will take over as Washington's Ambassador to Kenya, as the US Commerce department...

Military running out of options

Massive demonstrations and killings by the security forces are straining relations in the ruling junta as leaders consider their options

The 33rd anniversary of the coup that brought Omer Hassan el Beshir to power on 30 June 1989 was always going to be a test for both the opposition and the ruling military. The oppo...

Displaying 1-10 out of 2196 results.