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Floods put fighting on hold

A 'once-in-a-century' deluge halted troops movements while the President went on a world tour to raise funds

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has November's unprecedentedly severe rains and floods to thank for the fact he has not paid the full political price for the setback government for...

Darfuris face a global dereliction of duty

As the UN accuses the generals of 'verging on pure evil', the international system runs out of ideas and energy

As fighters from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) edge near to total control of the five states of Darfur, the human cost in terms of ethnic killings and deliberate starvation of civ...

Abiy spells out expansionist plans

The premier is targeting direct access to the Red Sea, a move that could destabilise the region

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, whose popularity has plummeted at home and abroad due to the war in Tigray, the chaos in Oromia, and now conflict in Amhara, appears to have a new plan t...

Trading dams for ports

Abiy's clumsy proposal to swap shares in the Nile dam for access to a port took the region by surprise

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shocked allies and enemies alike when he announced on 13 October that access to the Red Sea was an 'existential' issue for his landlocked countr...

Pay more to be Kenyan

Kenyans are bracing themselves for at least two years of fiscal austerity as William Ruto's government prioritises its Eurobond repayments. And the pain just keeps coming.

Amid regional chaos, a glimmer of hope in Jeddah and Addis

As the devastating stalemate between Burhan's and Hemeti's forces continues, the pressure for a ceasefire is mounting

The resumption of peace talks in Jeddah between Sudan's warring factions on 26 October just as the Israel-Hamas war was escalating was more than a show of diplomatic multi-tasking ...

Kagame tests his security playbook to the limit

Britain and France back Kigali for now but some of its neighbours are losing patience

The fight for control of eastern Congo-Kinshasa is intensifying in the weeks leading up to the country's elections due on 20 December. At the centre of it is Rwanda. The Kigali gov...

Ruto's plan to profit from the ports hits problems

The government aims to raise quick cash from privatising state assets but opposition is mounting

The radical plans to purge the political elite and its economic projects after William Ruto's presidential election victory last year are running out of steam. In some places they'...

Politics in a time of war

General Abdel Fattah al Burhan is struggling to build diplomatic support and cast himself as a statesman

General Abdel Fattah al Burhan, mocked by his adversaries as the 'basement commander' – a reference to his decision to stay in the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) General Command Co...

Back to the military drawing board

The African Union is delaying its troop withdrawal and government tactics are questioned after its anti-Al Shabaab offensive suffered a heavy reverse

Nine months ago, when President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud announced a pause in its hitherto successful anti-Al Shabaab offensive, prospects were good. Unusual clan alliances and pressu...

Displaying 1-10 out of 2309 results.