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After the pandemic panic, Big Pharma exits Africa

Moderna's mothballing of a $200m vaccine plant has prompted a backlash from politicians and health professionals

When United States' pharmaceutical giant Moderna halted plans for a US$200 million vaccine factory near Nairobi it dealt a double-blow: to Kenya's ambitions as a healthcare manufa...

Thirty years on, genocide haunts the region

Among the most effective in Africa, Rwanda's army has exported the conflict to eastern Congo-Kinshasa, reshaping national politics en route

The genocide of Tutsi and massacre of Hutu 'moderates' launched on 7 April 1994 and perpetrated by the Forces Armées Rwandaises (FAR), and the Interahamwe Hutu militia it wo...

Puntland risks fracturing the federation

The latest confrontation puts the popular new constitution at risk, adding to the woe caused by Addis’s port deal with Somaliland

Regional President Said Abdullahi Dani has taken Puntland out of Somalia's federal system, sparking a political crisis that weakens national unity and threatens the devolution pain...

Austerity the price of debt workout dodge

Determined to avoid lengthy finance talks, the President gambles he can fix the economy before the next elections

Will President William Ruto's strategy – austerity now, pre-election bonanza later – pay off as Kenyans face another year of spending cuts and higher taxes? Ruto calcul...

The battle for Odinga's ODM

With Raila Odinga's path towards the African Union chair's job looking ever more clear, the race to succeed him as the voice of Kenya's opposition is hotting up.

Probe of René-era corruption goes awry

Elected on promises of judicial and political reform, Wavel Ramkalawan's government is struggling to hold its predecessor to account

The attempts by President Wavel Ramkalawan and his Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party to prosecute top officials of the Albert René government for terrorism and corruptio...

A one-man diplomatic mission

President Ruto has become an everyman of international summitry but is he leaving his top advisors sidelined?

For a politician whose skills were seen as being centred entirely on domestic politics before winning the presidency in August 2022, William Ruto has quickly established a reputati...

Bribes row rocks parliament

Speaker Among refuses to hear charges of misuse of public funds by her office as more evidence emerges of efforts to bribe the opposition

Parliamentary Speaker Anita Among has refused to answer charges that she has obtained millions of dollars' worth of expenses and allowances she was not entitled to that were first ...

Re-opening the commission's wounds

The audit of the controversial August 2022 presidential elections and the scope of its mandate have been the most disputed topic facing the bipartisan National Dialogue Committee (...

Politicking hinders the war effort

Manoeuvring in Mogadishu for the elections is diverting focus from the war on Al Shabaab and the pirates are returning to the high seas

Analysis of recent security lapses in and around Mogadishu show the government in Mogadishu is in danger of losing much of the ground it gained in the fight against Al Shabaab sinc...

Displaying 1-10 out of 2347 results.