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Djibouti joins fight against the Abiy-Bihi pact

Fearing big losses if Addis Ababa’s port access deal with Somaliland goes ahead, President Guelleh wants to scupper it

Battle drums are sounding, but the casus belli is still being determined. Nobody yet knows whether the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abi...

Ruto struggles to regain control

Weeks of protests sparked by punitive tax hikes have morphed into a wider revolt, pushing the President on the defensive

The sense of chaos coming from State House in Nairobi is palpable. Having fired his government and accepted the resignation of Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome, President W...

More Soviet than usual

Winning the three previous elections with more than 90% was not enough for President Paul Kagame. Partial results announced on 16 July gave the president a Soviet-style 99.15% with...

Tigray war accord isn’t ending the fighting over Amhara border

The Pretoria deal stopped large-scale combat but didn’t resolve the disputes over territory and resources

The rebellions and counter-insurgency operations causing havoc in Ethiopia’s two largest regions, Amhara and Oromia, have overshadowed the aftermath of the two-year civil war...

As the civil war threatens the region, the UAE boosts Hemeti’s militia

Neighbouring states are staking out their positions after serial peace efforts have failed to rein in Sudan’s rival military factions

With over 10 million people internally displaced and a further two million forced to flee to Chad, Egypt and South Sudan, the war between Sudan’s rival miliary factions has c...

After the protestors won the tax war

Wrongfooted by national demonstrations, state security officers are suspected of sabotage and running agents provocateurs

After their protests forced President William Ruto to abandon the government’s Finance Bill and its planned US$2.4 billion tax rises, the Generation Z activists face their ow...

Displaying 1-10 out of 2378 results.