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Clans take the fight to Al Shabaab

Deadly food shortages and Al Shabaab's punitive taxes are driving clan leaders to fight the Islamist militia 'to the death', radically changing the balance of forces in the civil war

International aid agencies, distracted by Russia's war in Ukraine, are struggling to send food and medicines to alleviate famine conditions threatening nearly half of Somalia's 17 ...

Loyalty trumps all in Ruto's cabinet

Close allies of the president and his deputy dominate the new team, with a sprinkling of technocrats, but few women

After a narrow election win and a slim majority of MPs backing him in parliament, President William Ruto is taking no chances with his first cabinet. His team is dominated by ultra...

Kenyatta era debts haunt Ruto's growth plan

Pressure grows on state finances after details emerge of a $45 million spending spree by the last administration ahead of the elections

Facing growing financial pressures, President William Ruto appears to be rethinking his earlier rejection of any restructuring of Kenya's foreign debt. Public debt stands at 8.56 t...

Addis and Tigray return to the battlefields

Tigrayan and federal forces are blaming each other for scuppering the truce and they are right – both sides were planning for more fighting

Ahead of the resumption of fighting in early September, both Tigrayan and federal forces had repositioned their troops as tensions rose amid the faltering peace process. This follo...


Advancing towards stalemate

Federal government forces are yet to make a military breakthrough despite sustained attacks on Tigray on multiple fronts

It is now clear that both the federal and Tigrayan forces used the nearly nine-month truce to quietly prepare for war. Despite maintaining a façade of commitment to peace, t...

Junta's double-talk on transition

Few believed Burhan's promise to hand over to civilians ahead of elections. And many fear that his deputy Hemeti is building a formidable power base

Two-and-a-half months on from General Abdel Fattah el Burhan's announcement that he and his fellow military officers were withdrawing from the political dialogue and would leave ci...

Ruto plays the economy blame-game

As he chooses his ministers, the new president has been making sweeping economic changes and blaming his predecessor

Four days after his victory lap and inauguration on 12 September, President William Samoei Ruto flew to London for Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral, and on to New York for the UN...

Displaying 61-70 out of 2276 results.