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Population: 18.66m
GDP: $35.45bn
Debt: 72.5% of GDP (2024)

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New President Faye passes the market test

Senegal’s bond sale signals that investors are gaining confidence in its new government

Senegal’s move to raise US$750 million of debt maturing in 2031 in two tranches at a coupon rate of 7.75%, signals the passing of an early test of market confidence for new P...


Faye's diplomatic rounds

A stark contrast in diplomatic style and messaging has been on display from Senegal's new leadership duo over recent days.

Faye's victory shakes up the region

In jail until ten days before the vote, a political outsider has been elected president on the first ballot

As detailed results from around the country trickled in, Amadou Ba, former Prime Minister and standard bearer for the ruling Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) alliance, could draw only one ...


Team Anti-Système takes over the system

President Faye will have to balance the expectations on job creation with reassurance for investors

Withdraw from the French-backed Communauté Financière Africaine (CFA) monetary zone, restructure public debt and renegotiate the oil, gas and mining contracts –...

Historic vote could set a new economic path

Radical nationalism is on the ballot as the establishment candidate is challenged by a new generation of opposition activists

The presidential election on 24 March is the most important in Senegal's history offering voters a clear choice on economic policy at a time of heightened political tensions. It is...

Telescoping the campaign

It is the shortest and most dramatic presidential election campaign to date in Senegal. It will be telescoped into less than two weeks after the Constitutional Council accepted Pre...

After Sall's U-turn, elections likely within two weeks

The top court's rejection of plans to postpone the vote steers the country back to constitutionalism

It took President Macky Sall less than a day to accept the ruling by the Conseil constitutionnel on 15 February that the postponement of the presidential election and the extension...

Fury as Sall's vote delay unleashes mayhem

The President's mismanagement of his succession crashes the country's reputation for stability and its growth prospects

President Macky Sall's announcement on 3 February postponing this month's elections has wrecked what was left of his legacy and is undermining Senegal's governance amid multiple cl...


The region on the rack

Double standards on governance rules are straining the credibility of the Ecowas bloc

Facing multiple challenges to their authority, West African leaders are trying to dampen down what seem to be mutually reinforcing crises for their regional organisation. On 28 Jan...

Displaying 1-10 out of 136 results.