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Population: 15.85 mn.
GDP: $16.38 bn.
Debt: $8.89 bn.

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Macky Sall faces the third-term curse

Opposition candidates are coordinating across rural areas and provincial cities to break the ruling alliance's grip on parliament

Opponents of President Macky Sall are assembling a broad alliance ahead of the parliamentary elections on 31 July. If they are successful, this will influence Sall's calculations a...

Sall sags at polls

The die is not cast for President Macky Sall and his Benno Bokk Yaakar (BBY) coalition, as June's legislative elections loom. But the 23 January local polls show they now face seri...

At each other's throats

Municipal polls will be a test for the opposition, even as political ambitions divide the ruling party

Dakar will be the big electoral prize on Sunday, when voters elect municipal and departmental councillors in the first local polls in eight years. Control of the capital will deliv...

Oil-sharing deal fires up row

When Senegal's former economy minister Amadou Hott visited Bissau last October, he sparked a furore by telling journalists about a secret deal to distribute revenues that might acc...

Macky Sall buys some time

Youth unemployment, corruption rumours and Ousmane Sonko's detention trigger an outburst of anger and hunger for change

After two weeks of protest and the most violent clashes between demonstrators and the security forces seen in decades, leaving at least 10 dead and 600 injured, the government of P...

Sall roots out rebels

Senegal's media eagerly showed footage of soldiers walking through rebel camps which the Senegalese army overran in the first week of February. Deserted kitchens, mostly old weapon...

Fake news flashback

An article smearing President Macky Sall's radical opponent in last year's presidential election may have been the work of one the country's most influential investigative journali...

IMF backs rapid funds

Baton blows to over-sociable Dakarois and raids on wedding parties were not the gentlest way for police to secure the public's cooperation with quarantine and social distancing rul...

Opposition out of sorts

Ex-President Abdoulaye Wade's imposition of his son Karim as his number two and de facto leader of his Parti Démocratique Sénégalais (PDS) has provoked a deep split in the movement...

An oily threat to Sall

Hotly-denied suggestions that officials were paid for awarding oil concessions are causing trouble for the President

Ever since BBC television's Panorama current affairs programme revealed apparent evidence that controversial British-based Australian/Romanian businessman Vasile Frank Timis made m...


Displaying 1-10 out of 106 results.