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Central African Republic

Solutions scarce as chaos grows

Neither the President nor the UN forces have a grip on deteriorating security. The killing of a priest in his church illustrates the growing disorder

Faustin-Archange Touadéra stepped into the presidency in February 2016 on a wave of goodwill, seemingly ready to face the challenge of national reconciliation. Now, he is booed whenever he appears in public. He seemed an inspired choice. Although a prime minister under President François Bozizé for five years he was tainted neither by the excesses of that regime, nor by the bloodshed later unleashed by the Anti-Balaka (AB), the self-defence units first created by Bozizé after he lost power in March 2013, when fighters of the mainly Muslim Séléka alliance terrorised the population.

Tax and spend dilemmas

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The success of government’s education and industry policies depends on widening the tax net and clawing back stolen funds

It all looks so good on the surface. After rebounding last year, Ghana's economy is reckoned to be one of Africa's fastest growing, the cedi has stabilised and inflation is dipping...


Splits and special pleas

An increasingly isolated Salva is under threat and making desperate moves as his former army chief defects

In April, the unity of President Salva Kiir Mayardit's Dinka-dominated alliance fractured further when his former army chief Paul Malong Awan announced the formation of yet another...

Clashes over 'clean coltan'

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Conflict minerals are being laundered for export, it is claimed, exacerbating Hutu-Tutsi tension in the unstable east

The closure of a coltan mine at the beginning of the month sparked protests and has focused attention on the continuing struggle to keep conflict financing out of supply chains. Ho...

An election on autopilot

Despite communal violence, a shaky economy and a faltering anti-corruption campaign, the APC looks set to win another term

A swirling fog of debt

The government is suspected of dishonestly reporting its debts, as it chases every last ounce of credit

Proxies, powers, and presidents

Qatar and the UAE, along with a host of bit players, fought their latest battle in Somalia over whose man got to be the new Speaker of Parliament

Diplomats down, spies up

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A veteran spy chief returns and the foreign minister is pushed out as President El Beshir tries to prolong his tenure

Friends with benefits

As the government’s problems mount, plans for a new opposition alliance with several odd bedfellows are taking shape

Abiy tests the military

The Prime Minister's first cabinet rewards allies and begins to take on the securocrats' power in politics and the economy

Fear stalks the economy

President Magufuli's crackdown is hampering economic development plans and intimidating civil servants and companies alike