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Drama in the delay

Muhammadu Buhari in Katsina 15 February 2019 Pic: Guo Jun/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images
Muhammadu Buhari in Katsina 15 February 2019 Pic: Guo Jun/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Accusations of malfeasance and conspiracy follow the last-minute postponement of the national elections

In an election campaign that has failed to capture the nation's imagination, the announcement that voting would be delayed by a week, less than six hours before it was due to start, marked one of its more exciting points. Even now, there are many election experts, some with the foreign observer missions, who doubt that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is prepared for the new date of 23 February. INEC blamed problems with logistics and bad weather for the delay. Dropping biometric card readers and associated electronics and ballot papers for 84 million registered voters in 179,000 polling units is a formidable operation, but it's unclear why INEC waited so long to make its announcement.

Governors get set

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As the states demand more power from the creaking federal system, the governorship races are getting closer and more important

All bets are off

Gbagbo’s probable reappearance on the political scene is not the only bombshell as the road opens to the 2020 elections

The President's anger

Kenyatta’s frustration with the slowness of change is visible as he looks to his legacy and Ruto ponders the next election

A party at war

A ferocious fight lies ahead for President Masisi as his predecessor mobilises to oust him from the top of the ruling party

Errors of judgement

The row over the President’s suspension of the Chief Justice raises doubts over the conduct of this month’s elections

Cash in the cabinet

President Lungu has chosen not to dismiss a minister after police found millions of dollars’ worth of cash in his home

Pushing Beshir towards the exit

As protesters keep up the pressure, diplomats are mulling an immunity from prosecution deal for Omer el Beshir to persuade him to quit

Eight years of transition

As established parties gear up for elections later this year, Premier Chahed's new party hopes to offer a credible alternative

A day of portents

The inauguration of the new president witnessed incidents that gave a foretaste of the kind of regime the country can look forward to

Mountains to climb

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The success of the Prime Minister’s reforms depends on how he manages intricate regional and ethnic power struggles