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Currency scams block reforms and deepen crisis

RBZ governor John Mangudya. Pic: Shawn Jusa/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images
RBZ governor John Mangudya. Pic: Shawn Jusa/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Senior ruling party figures are sabotaging the programme to stabilise the country's finances by exploiting their access to US dollars

Two months after the launch of vital currency reforms, the official exchange rate is still way out of line with the parallel market, despite solemn commitments by the government to narrow the gap. The reason, according to impeccable financial sources in Harare, is that senior figures in the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front are profiteering by buying currency at the official rate and selling it at the unofficial rate.

The revolution rumbles on

Celebrations outside Sudanese army headquarters after Lt Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf stepped down. Pic: Ala Kheir/DPA/PA Images

Oppositionists keep up the pressure, pushing Omer el Beshir's quarrelling successors into early concessions

The millions of Sudanese activists taking on one of the world's most ruthless regimes, forcing two of its leaders from power in a couple of days, say they have started a revolution...


Haftar stakes it all

LNA forces have attacked Tripoli, sounding the death knell to planned peace talks and opening what could be a bitter and bloody battle

Four years of efforts by the UN to end the crisis in Libya have been rendered almost futile by eastern-based strongman, General Khalifa Haftar. On 4 April, two months after his for...

Big data state

A new compulsory identity card raises questions about privacy, the succession and the President’s business friends

Although overshadowed by President Uhuru Kenyatta's annual State of the Nation address on 4 April, the political establishment came together in a rare episode of bipartisanship to ...

Condé bids for third term

The President’s bid for a third term has hit top gear. Can a fractured opposition unite to deny him the constitutional changes he needs?

Nuts to the market

President Magufuli’s bold move to bypass the cashew middleman by bringing in the army is likely to have disastrous results

Out for the count

It was hardly surprising that government soldiers should abandon their posts after not being paid

Clean-up or cover-up?

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Links between Big Oil and politicians are blocking a multimillion-dollar environmental rescue plan for the Delta

'Not even the Pope'

An extraordinary display of humility by Pope Francis shocked the rival leaders but has not make the tenuous peace less fragile

Electoral arithmetic

Players jostle for position after Soro’s resignation as Speaker and Gbagbo’s ICC acquittal throw presidential race wide open