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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 62.47m
GDP: $373.23bn
Debt: 75.4% of GDP (2024)

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The markets bet on Ramaphosa's grand coalition

The key test for the Government of National Unity is whether it can mobilise the billions needed to revive growth and cut unemployment

The excitement in the markets over the launch of the Government of National Unity (GNU) has to be balanced against the enormity of the challenges confronting the leaders of its 11 ...

The centre is holding – for now

President Ramaphosa’s Government of National Unity has months rather than years to regenerate jobs and hope

South Africa’s transition into coalition country politics – its most important shift since the liberation election of 1994 – happened so fast that most of the pla...

The ANC stitches together a pro-market coalition

Cyril Ramaphosa will lead a Government of National Unity with the centre-right but excludes two populist parties with 25% of the vote

The Government of National Unity deal is a return to form for Cyril Ramaphosa who helped negotiate the first post-apartheid coalition government 30 years ago. The difference this t...

Choices get starker after the ANC vote crash

Shorn of a majority, Cyril Ramaphosa must choose between populists or pro-business centrists in a power-sharing deal

After its worst election in 30 years of power, the African National Congress (ANC) saw its vote share tumble to 40.2% and faces choices which will usher in a new era of coalition p...


How Western Cape tested the opposition's coalition strategy

The centre-right Democratic Alliance has controlled the province since 2009 but is facing pushback from smaller parties in its political base

Early reports of a high turnout across the country on 29 May have boosted the ruling African National Congress's hopes that it might retain its national parliamentary majority and ...

BHP's 'final' bid for Anglo set for election day

With $50 billion on the table, the biggest mining deal in history faces a wall of corporate and political obstacles

Given the stakes in jobs and economic growth, it's fitting that the deadline for the offer by Australia's BHP for Anglo American should fall on 29 May, election day in South Africa...

On the back foot in Gauteng

Fearing a populist wave from the Malema and Zuma parties, the ANC is sending its veteran leaders to get out the vote for 29 May

So serious is the prospect of it losing badly in the 29 May election that the ruling African National Congress has leant on its former leaders, including those who have retired and...

A reckoning for the Ramaphosa party

The biggest threat to the ANC's electoral base comes from its two breakaway populist parties

For realists in the African National Congress the central question in the 29 May elections is how the party manages the end of its 30-year domination of national politics. Hubris a...

Pollsters vie for credibility with politicians

Opinion surveys struggle to keep up with the changing shape of this intensely contested election

Activists and politicians across the spectrum agree on one point: opinion surveys in South Africa are often wide of the mark, undermined by poor methodology, and sometimes institut...

Displaying 1-10 out of 837 results.