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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 59.39m
GDP: $419bn
Debt: 70.7% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Doubts greet the DA's 'moonshot' coalition

Light on policy, the biggest opposition party will have to work harder to beat the African National Congress

Just three days after John Steenhuisen, newly re-elected leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, announced a 'moonshot pact' with other parties ahead of the 2024 elections, t...

Now it’s Ramaphosa central

After four years of balancing factions in the ruling ANC, the President is concentrating power in his office

It was a more upbeat and energised Cyril Ramaphosa that took on critics this month complaining that he consulted too much and took too long to make decisions. Pointing out that he ...

Vote-getters and loyalists predominate

The President's reshuffle prioritises next year's elections instead of addressing the economy, infrastructure and electricity emergency

After serial delays and great expectations, President Cyril Ramaphosa brought in 10 new ministers for his reshuffle on 6 March with a wary eye on next year's general elections. It ...

How money talks in national elections

A law forcing political parties to disclose their funding has cast light on cash from three local billionaires and a Russian oligarch

With national elections due to be held next year, concerns are brewing over whether donations could be used to buy influence. Africa Confidential's analysis of declarations by Sout...


Energy plan riles ANC factions and vested interests

The budget's debt relief for Eskom will impose targets and hasten privatisation but offers no short-term relief from power cuts

The explosive television interview by André de Ruyter, outgoing chief executive of ailing electricity utility Eskom on 21 February, which upstaged Finance Minister Enoch God...

ANC cabinet contenders step up lobbying

President Ramaphosa is using party committees to consolidate his grip ahead of national elections next year

South Africans, still buckling under the strain of crippling daily power cuts with no end in sight, are waiting for the appointment of a Minister of Electricity, announced by Presi...

Ramaphosa shuffles the reshuffle

The coming cabinet changes will show whether the President is ready to use his new political authority

After spending his first term fending off a rebellion from supporters of ousted President Jacob Zuma, President Cyril Ramaphosa should now be able to sack all those ministers and t...

Can Ramaphosa get the lights back on?

With rolling power cuts obliterating support for the ANC, the government is being pushed to act against vested interests

After four days of deliberations, on 29 January the ruling African National Congress agreed in principle to declare a national disaster in response to rolling power cuts which Pres...

Displaying 31-40 out of 820 results.