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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 62.47m
GDP: $373.23bn
Debt: 75.4% of GDP (2024)

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Opposition leader Steenhuisen seeks coalition deal

The Democratic Alliance claims to be a viable alternative to the ANC but a post-election deal is its likeliest path to power

John Steenhuisen and The Democratic Alliance (DA) are preparing for an era of coalition politics after the 2024 elections when they predict the African National Congress's share of...

The ANC is losing out to populists and radicals in Gauteng

The ruling party's local conference went well for the President but the leadership is split and few believe the party can recover its standing

Although President Cyril Ramaphosa has got his favoured candidate elected as leader of the African National Congress in Gauteng, the country's richest province, the party remains c...

The man behind the sofa story

Former securocrat Arthur Fraser, who revealed the 2020 burglary at the President's farm, may have ulterior motives

Once a key associate of President Jacob Zuma in the state security and intelligence apparatus, Arthur Fraser has leapt onto the front pages with his claims about the burglary at Pr...

'Farmgate' rocks Ramaphosa

The 'cash-in-the-couch' scandal has damaged the President. It is being exploited to the full by his enemies, but it doesn't look enough to unseat him

On a wintry day on 13 June in Johannesburg Carl Niehaus, the chief spokesperson of the African National Congress's so-called Radical Economic Transformation (RET) faction, led a de...

KwaZulu-Natal braces for a showdown

Next month the ruling ANC will elect a new leadership in the province pitting President Ramaphosa's supporters against those of his predecessor

Once the powerhouse of the African National Congress (ANC) under former President Jacob Zuma, his home province of KwaZulu-Natal has become a seething hotbed of economic sabotage, ...

How manganese pipeline helps the ANC

The ruling party's ambivalence on Ukraine reflects its parlous finances as well as its internal feuding and ideological posturing

A transparency law on political party funding has embarrassed the ruling African National Congress by revealing its links to Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian oligarch under global sanc...

Net closes around the Guptas

The symbols of the corruption of Jacob Zuma's regime, two of the Gupta brothers face extradition to South Africa

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa have been negotiating the extradition of Atul and Rajesh Gupta since their arrest on 6 June by Dubai police on an Interpol ...

Zuma's securocrats rattle Ramaphosa

A wounded Ramaphosa is consolidating support for a second five-year term but prospects are bleak for the ANC winning outright victory in 2024

Arthur Fraser, the former head of the country's State Security Agency, has called for a criminal investigation against Cyril Ramaphosa, which will badly damage the ruling African N...

Moscow's missing tankers

As Russia seeks to evade western sanctions on oil and gas exports, mystery surrounds the fate of two super-tankers loaded with 4.2 million barrels of Russian crude oil that were sc...

Displaying 81-90 out of 837 results.