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Population: 0.1m
GDP: $2.2bn
Debt: 69% of GDP (2024)

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Probe of René-era corruption goes awry

Elected on promises of judicial and political reform, Wavel Ramkalawan's government is struggling to hold its predecessor to account

The attempts by President Wavel Ramkalawan and his Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party to prosecute top officials of the Albert René government for terrorism and corruptio...

A moment of reckoning for the gilded elite

After lengthy anti-corruption investigations, a former first lady, an ex-finance minister and their business allies face trial

When former president Albert René died in 2019, his opponents said it was a pity he never stood trial for corruption. Notoriously ruthless, he ruled the islands as a one-par...

Trouble in paradise

President Ramkalawan faces a battle to deliver on promises as the pandemic-induced collapse in tourism drains state coffers

Seychelles' newest president may be regretting having finally got his wish: the top job in a country that relies almost exclusively on tourism – during a global pandemic. Hav...

Jean-Paul Adam

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seychelles

Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam was in South Korea in early July. He attended his country’s national day at the Expo 2012 in Yeosu before meeting his counterpart, Kim Sung-...

Murder in paradise

Worsening human rights abuses, including the apparent murder of an opposition leader's sister-in-law, have brought a threat from the European Parliament's Development Commission to...

Of ranch and rupees

In the 6 December legislative election, President France-Albert René's Seychelles People's Progressive Front polled just one per cent above the two-thirds majority needed to...

By a whisker

President René's narrow victory showed that change is in the air

Three thousand more votes for the priest and it would have been curtains for 'the Boss'. Yet after 24 years of paternalistic socialism, plus lucrative capitalism for some, Presiden...

Of tuna and tourists

When supermarkets run out of imported toilet paper and shoppers fight for the last disposable nappies, there's a problem - in Seychelles, if not in most African countries. And when...

Rene´ Inc.

The new political generation believe they can take radical economic change in their stride

Stable politics may be about to produce radical economic changes. On 20 March, the presidential and parliamentary elections are unlikely to upset President France-Albert René...

High rollers roll low

A foreign capital free-for-all won't be enough to rescue the economy

President Albert René's government seems to have run out of steam. The money-men expect a devaluation of the Rupee Seychellois, followed, they hope, by a loan from the Inter...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.