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Population: 28.08m
GDP: $18.82bn
Debt: 48.9% of GDP (2024)

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Patrice Talon tests strength of General Tiani’s junta

Vitriol flows both ways as hopes fade of a speedy end to the fight between Niamey and Cotonou

The arrest of five Nigérien oil technicians in Benin at the beginning of June has sparked accusations of ‘kidnapping’ and ‘hostage-taking’ from Gener...

The juntas are running out of excuses

Populist rhetoric and ethnic targeting by the military regimes are deepening the region's fault-lines

The lean season in the Sahel this year is starting under the toughest economic and political conditions for generations. Mali and Burkina Faso have been baked by a record-breaking ...


Regional bloc backtracks on economic sanctions

Leaders say the decision to lift restrictions has been made for humanitarian reasons as they urge Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso not to leave the community

The decision by leaders of the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) to lift economic sanctions on Niger's military regime is an embarrassing admission of d...



Macron digs in amid diplomatic 'hostage' claims

The French president says his ambassador and diplomatic staff in Niamey, are effectively hostages and living off military rations as the junta blocks food deliveries to the embassy

The diplomatic standoff between France and Niger's military junta shows no sign of abating as President Emmanuel Macron continues to dig in.


The withdrawal starts

Mirage jets, Reaper drones and some helicopters, their crews and support teams will likely be among the first French military elements to be withdrawn from Niger following talks be...

Toxic times for uranium

Investment in future uranium mining operations was already on hold before Niger's July military coup, contrary to reports that the problems followed the coup, industry executives h...

Displaying 1-10 out of 68 results.