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Population: 21.48 mn.
GDP: $8.12 bn.
Debt: $3.75 bn.

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Coup-makers fall out

Having seized power in a relatively popular coup, vowed to hold elections and tackled a food crisis, Niger’s military junta, headed by Major Salou Djibo, looked to be sitting prett...

A food crisis foretold

The Niamey junta is tinkering with its transition programme but it is better at handling a food emergency than the previous regime Aid workers have been warning for some time now t...

Confusion after the coup

The new military rulers promise an anti-corruption purge and elections but are thin on detail

The 18 February coup was almost surgical and was popular with the many people who wanted President Mamadou Tandja ousted, but the follow-up appears more improvised and chaotic (AC ...

A coup to stop a coup

The officers who threw out President Tandja must quickly prove they’re serious about constitutional rule

So far, Niamey’s new military leaders have played by the new-model putschists’ book. They ousted controversial President Mamadou Tandja on 18 February, then promised a rapid restor...

Who's who in the Nigerien coup

Salou Djibou, commander of the main armoured unit in Niamey, led the assault on the Presidency which culminated in the capture of President Mamadou Tandja and his ministers on 18 F...

President Tandja goes for a third term

He may deny it but President Mamadou Tandja began the process of changing the constitution to prolong his mandate in December 2008

After decades of coups and assassinations, Nigeriens had hoped that President Mamadou Tandja would stabilise the country and peacefully hand over to his successor. Instead, he deci...

Competition for Niger's uranium

Niger is the world's third-largest uranium producer, extracting about 3,300 tonnes per year. Prices rose to US$55 per pound in June, up more than 35% since April; nuclear power is ...

Revolt in the desert

As uranium, and maybe oil, raise hopes of income, northern Tuareg rebels have gone to war again

Niger’s latest rebellion is getting worse, although President Mamadou Tandja refuses to acknowledge its existence (AC Vol 48 Nos 8 & 18). The recently formed Mouvement des Nigé...

Yellowcake rebellion

President Mamadou Tandja has declared a state of alert in the north, the base of Niger's fast growing uranium industry, after attacks on key targets killed some 50 government soldi...

Displaying 21-30 out of 46 results.