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Population: 25.25m
GDP: $14.92bn
Debt: 57% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Sahel on the Rhine

France and Germany are using a joint visit by their foreign ministers to Mali and Niger last week to send a message about deeper European military, as well as political, collaborat...

Issoufou woos

From the lofty vantage point of his 92.5% victory in the presidential election on 20 March, President Mahamadou Issoufou is offering opposition members government places. Having bo...

Knock-out in two

President Mahamadou Issoufou approaches the 20 March second round of the presidential election all but certain of a victorious outcome. He fell short of his loudly proclaimed inten...

The campaign gaol trail

Former Prime Minister Hama Amadou, in custody since November charged with child-trafficking, is set to contest the presidential election from his cell after being denied bail on ap...

Issoufou the insouciant

The Islamist threat secures foreign support but the President is courting danger by ignoring widespread discontent

The coming presidential election in February and March dominates all political calculations in Niamey at the moment. At least half a dozen candidates are already in the running, wi...

Issoufou’s Sahel agenda

Amid diplomatic discord and tough trade talks in Brussels, Niger’s President adeptly pushed for his government’s policies and interests

In spite of the testy relations between some African politicians and Europe, President Mahamadou Issoufou has cultivated strong support from top officials in Brussels and Paris. In...

Isolation threatens Issoufou

A big rally to back President Issoufou has done little to dispel dissatisfaction with living conditions and corruption

He was feted as a reformer after winning the 2011 election that reversed the 2010 coup and seen as a beacon of stability during the Mali crisis (AC Vol 51 No 6, Confusion after the...

Ransom? Moi?

Delight at the safe release of French hostages Thierry Dol, Marc Féret, Daniel Larribe and Pierre Legrand on 29 October was dampened by suggestions that President Fran&ccedi...

Attack dents Niger’s image

The jihadist challenge is increasing and some militants seem to have friends inside the regime

Jihadists launched an abortive attempt to break into a gendarmerie base in Niamey on 11 June. Alert guards chased away the small group of assailants and suffered no casualties but ...

After Mali, Niger

Bombings at Arlit and Agadez and a gaol break expose security problems

The aftermath of the suicide attacks on a French company and a military barracks on 23 May will test Niger’s security forces. With almost half of its military either in Mali or on ...

Displaying 21-30 out of 63 results.