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Terms and Conditions

Use of this site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms”), please read this section carefully.

These Terms apply to the use of www.africa-confidential.com and its subscription services. Use of this website (“Site”) is subject to the following Terms outlined below. We only provide these Terms in English Language.

This Site is owned by Asempa Limited (“Asempa”), a limited company registered in England and Wales, company number 05872814, whose registered office is at Vine House, Fair Green, Reach, Cambridge CB25 0JD, UK.

This Site is provided by Bluemania Limited (“Bluemania”), a limited company registered in England and Wales, company number 06027235, whose registered office is at 18 The Ridgeway, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 9QU.

The service of this Site is operated by both parties, Asempa Limited and Bluemania. The website is known by all users of this subscribed service as “Africa Confidential”, www.africa-confidential.com. All content displayed within the site is Copyright © Africa Confidential.

By using this site www.africa-confidential.com or by otherwise accessing any content found on this Site, including use of any digital application in order to access this Site, you are entering into an agreement with Asempa Limited and agree to the Terms as follows.


Term Definitions

The term “Africa Confidential” means Asempa Limited and no other groups other than the publisher, Asempa Limited.

The term “Asempa” means Parent Company Asempa Limited, of which Africa Confidential is wholly-owned.

The term “Website” or “Site” refers to the whole domain of www.africa-confidential.com and any sub-domain, content, materials, features and services experienced, as a result or use of www.africa-confidential.com.

The term “Newsletter” or “Issue(s)” is interchangeable with both online or hardcopy versions, including historical records.

The term “Hardcopy” or “Hardcopies” refers to the printed version of the Africa Confidential newsletter, including historical records.

The term “Content” means any and all such data contained within the Website or Hardcopy Newsletter and all such content associated with the Site.

The term “User(s)” refers to any person, persons or organisation that has been assigned a form of service/product on www.africa-confidential.com or via its customer service, provided by Asempa. The term “User(s)” can also be interchangeable with “Account Holders” and “Subscribers” or related to individuals or organisations that utilise any freely made content on www.africa-confidential.com.

The term “Subscriber(s)” refers to paying recipients of our content for any length of subscription. Subscribers may also be referred as “Account Holders”. The term Subscriber also includes subscriptions provided gratis.

The term “Account Holder” refers to paying or non-paying users of our site who have generated an account for e-alert services, article purchases or paid subscriptions. The term can also be used in conjunction with the term “Subscriber(s)”. 

The term “Visitor” refers to any person or persons visiting the Site who has not subscribed to an Africa Confidential service.

The term “Purchaser” refers to any individual or organisation who choose to purchase articles or subscriptions via the Website or the Subscriptions Department.

The term “Registrant” refers to any persons that has registered any form of an account to www.africa-confidential.com be it paid or free of charge.

The term “Agent”, “Agency” or “Agencies” refers to a company that a subscriber chooses to purchase a subscription to Africa Confidential on Their administrative behalf.

The above term “Their” refers to any individual person or organisation or Users via an agent, who holds a form of Africa Confidential account. 

The term “Subscriptions” Department refers to the administrative team who oversee all subscriptions and customer service processes of the website.

The term “Service” refers to all services, content and features of the website and any Hardcopy associations and Subscription Department liaison.

The term “Supplier” or “Website Developer” refers to Bluemania Limited who developed the Africa Confidential website and works in conjunction with Asempa on infrastructural developments and website support. May also be termed as "Provider", or "Website Engineer".

The term “Third Party” refers to parties other than that of Asempa. The term may refer to service and support providers, Agencies or Media Partners and other sites of which these Terms do not extend.

The term “Single-User” refers to a subscription type designed for use by one named individual only.

The term “Individual” refers to a particular named person, whether independent or within an organisation or other form of institution.

The term “Multi-User” refers to a subscription account whereby multiple Authorised Users can access Africa Confidential at the same time.

The term “Authorised Users” refers to Users within an organisation/institution that hold a Multi-User License with Asempa; and are eligible for access to Africa Confidential content via a License.

The term “License” refers to a contractual License between Asempa and the Multi-User subscription Purchaser of whom Asempa grants content access eligibility to.


By accessing the site, through any means to do so, users consent to the Terms and Conditions throughout all clauses and subsections of these Terms. If users do not consent to the Terms, they should immediately leave this site.


Registration to the site

Users may register to this site free of charge and are freely able to activate free email alerts and other free services Africa Confidential may provide. Registrants must ensure all details given, where necessary, are correct to the best of their knowledge. Account Holders have a duty to inform Asempa of any changes to their account as soon as possible, as Asempa will not be held liable for any lack of communication. 

Account Holders are able to purchase materials through their dedicated accounts, which includes the option to purchase a subscription to the Africa Confidential newsletter. By creating an account Users/Subscribers agree to all Terms herein.

Password Responsibilities

Passworded access to the website is for named, Individual use only and login details must not be shared with any other party. Asempa utilise standard IP (address) tracking technology and reserves the right to terminate access without refund if evidence of misuse is found. 

Individuals are responsible for keeping passwords and login information confidential.

This is monitored for the safety and security of subscribers, for the integrity of content and for Asempa’s continued ability to invest in high quality journalism.

Single-user subscriptions are strictly designed for the use of one Individual, NOT for the uses of one Individual at a time. Sharing of login information constitutes a breach of Asempa’s Terms and access to the account may be suspended or deleted without notice.

Whereas login details may not be shared with any other person, a subscription may be transferred to another Individual within the same organisation with written notice.

In the event of a breach in access, Users agree to immediately inform Asempa as soon as they are aware of such breach, which may become the result of loss, theft or un-authorised use of any email registration and password by another Individual, known or unknown.

This access must be strictly adhered to, unless otherwise stated in writing.


Subscription Types

Asempa Limited offers various types of subscriptions to Africa Confidential, accommodating Single or Multi-User access to content and the choice between online only or print and online subscriptions. Discounts are available for Academic Institutions, NGO’s/charities and students. All students must be in FTE (Full Time Education) and must provide Asempa with proof of student status in order to qualify for a discounted rate.

Additionally, Asempa offers two ways of purchasing individual articles at a fraction of a cost of a subscription. Purchase options are singular or as ‘bundles’. Bundle purchases offer an increasing low rate paid per article than on a singular basis.

By submitting card details or wire transfer, Purchasers commit to payment for the chosen article and/or subscription. Asempa will aim to ensure all orders are processed as swiftly as possible, but are unable to guarantee that a subscription will be activated within a specified date and time, and cannot be held responsible for being unable to do so.


Trial Subscriptions

Africa Confidential has the capacity to offer visitors and non-paying users with Free Trials, upon request and review. All trial subscriptions are handled by Africa Confidential’s publisher Asempa, and may be subject to particular Terms between Asempa and the User. No more than one trial subscription per subscriber is permitted in any twelve-month period.

Trials are offered for a limited time period between one week and no longer than one month without fee. Asempa also reserves the right to cancel or suspend any trial subscription immediately, should it be made aware of any negligence to the service and its content.

Subscription Renewal

At the end of the initial subscription period, Asempa will contact the Subscriber with an offer to renew and will endeavour to inform all Subscribers of upcoming renewals with reasonable notice. Asempa will inform each Subscriber of their upcoming renewal with reminders before expiry, and eventual deactivation, if no renewal instructions are received by Asempa from the Subscriber.

Asempa take no responsibility for any late notice provision as the wish to renew a subscription ultimately falls on the individual’s or organisation’s wish and cooperation to do so.

Subscribers may also choose to inform Asempa of their intention not to renew and thus terminate their subscription at the point of expiry.

The renewal rate may differ from time to time. More information can be found in Africa Confidential’s pricing terms.

Change of Contact Details and Address:

Universities, agencies and organisations are obliged to provide correct and up-to-date information surrounding subscription set-up and/or subscriber’s details; including change in email address or contact number, physical delivery addresses, IP address or user change should a subscriber no long be at the institution from which they subscribed with.

No responsibility is accepted for the use of incorrect information caused by a lack of update by the subscriber/organisation.

Subscription Cancellation

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any point during their validity. Refunds will be made pro-rata less an administrative fee of £50.00 for subscriptions purchased and cancellations requested in 2021, irrespective of usage. Subscribers may choose to terminate subscriptions in advance of expiry. Asempa are not liable to offer refunds for purchased articles and bundles.

Cancellations should be advised to the Subscriptions Department at subscriptions@africa-confidential.com or on +44 (0) 1638 743 633.

Subscription Pricing

The total subscription price will be made clear to the purchaser via the online payment registration forms or via an invoice presented from the Subscriptions Department. At the time of purchase, the subscriber agrees to pay the rates advised. All purchases are in the form of a one-off or annual payment – Asempa does not accept monthly payments for annual subscriptions. 

The administration will review eligibility for discounts and if approved, will be granted at the time of subscription. Discounts cannot be provided mid-subscription. The subscription cost will never change during its validity but is liable to increase or decrease slightly upon renewal.

Payment Currency

The currency in which the purchase or subscription is payable will be specified during the subscription or re-subscription process, either stated in an online form within the site’s shopping cart, or via a invoice provided by Asempa’s Subscriptions Department. Payment is accepted in Sterling (GBP) or Dollars (USD).

Pricing Errors

If an incorrect, lower price for subscription access is quoted, whether presented online or otherwise, it should be noted that Asempa is not obliged to provide the buyer with such content at the incorrectly given price. 

Asempa reserves the right to advise any pricing errors identified promptly and ensures to always act in good faith in the event of such genuine error(s).

Additional Charges

Certain banks and credit card issuers will charge a foreign transaction fee on payments made in a foreign currency and to payments of goods from abroad. Asempa is not responsible for any such charges. Purchasers should check with their bank to see if any charges will be applied to the cardholder.



Subscription upgrades can be made at any stage during the year, calculated pro-rata in consultation with Asempa’s subscription team, who will be happy to discuss upgrade options. If the upgrade is close to the date of renewal, Asempa reserves the right to hold the request until the date of renewal.

Subscribers wishing to upgrade, should contact subscriptions@africa-confidential.com or telephone +44 (0) 1638 743 633.



VAT is no longer chargeable as of 1 May 2020, a move introduced by the UK Government to zero-rate e-publications and digital services.

Purchasers based outside of the UK must continue to provide Asempa with their organisation’s VAT number for the purpose of registration checks until 31 December 2020. VAT will not be applied to your order.

Asempa’s UK VAT registration number is GB 892 5037 07.


Payment Details

Purchasers of articles, bundles or subscriptions from Asempa, agree to provide Asempa with complete and accurate payment information in order to carry out successful transaction. Subscription purchase payments to Asempa may by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

By submitting payment details via www.africa-confidential.com or through Asempa’s Subscriptions Department, purchasers guarantee they are fully entitled to purchase an article or subscription using those payment details and are legally able to do so. 

Declined Payments

In the event of a payment being declined or suspended, purchasers should check with their provider. Some operators need to be informed to release funds overseas.

In circumstances where fraud may be suspected, Asempa may contact the issuing payment provider or bank and/or law enforcement bodies of such suspicious activity. Refunds where appropriate will then be issued to the rightful owner.

All website transactions are securely encrypted and are made via Asempa’s chosen payment merchant, WorldPay.


Permitted Use - Termination & Suspension of Access

Unreasonable use and abuse of content, including screen saves and the systematic downloading and re-distribution of content without written permission from Asempa will result in access to the site being blocked or suspended. Under no circumstances does permitted usage include any commercial exploitation of the material.

This term also refers to a lack of citation and acknowledgement of Asempa content, which may be readily available to the public, and also includes the systematic exploitation of sharing login details dedicated to one individual sole user only. Visitors must also cite "Africa Confidential" in any capacity its content is shared or utilised.

Suspension of access may also take place when users have sought to avoid paying subscription fees after a considerable amount of access had been provided to a user trustingly. Asempa has full rights to determine this ‘considerable amount’.

Asempa reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to its content with or without notice, with no obligation to issue pro-rata refund fees in light of breaches.



Both parties are trusted to review and sign Asempa’s license contracts before proceeding forward with subscription access for Multi-User Licenses.

Additional terms in party contracts with Asempa will provide no erasure of the terms outlined in this document, unless otherwise formed in additional writing.

Users of Multi-User Licenses should check with the principal signatory (from their organisation) to the license (commonly the library department) and abide by such terms, which will govern the way users access the site.

Upon request, contractual terms may be reviewed and agreed where deemed appropriate. Asempa may make changes to these contracts and hold full rights to implement such.

Terms for Single Users are strictly outlined in this page.


Content Modification

Users and visitors of the site and the content therein must correctly cite Africa Confidential in their works. Content modification or lack of citation is strictly prohibited. Informed business and operational decisions by use of the sites content is acceptable on the strict proviso correct quotation is made. Users are required to cite correct quotations to prevent the content being distorted in any way.


Photocopying & Downloads

Subscribers are permitted to download issues or articles for personal use only, without distribution. Users may not print web pages or save web page content other than individual articles for personal use. 

Electronic dissemination of materials and articles via email or social media is strictly prohibited, unless with prior permission from Asempa to do so. Asempa has technology to identify breach of user terms. Asempa holds all rights to investigate any potential breaches should it to be deemed fit and appropriate to investigate so.

Misuse or breach of trust will result in account suspension or deletion.


Delivery of the physical newsletter:

We aim to ensure all newsletters are delivered within 1-2 business days (UK) and 3-14 business days (EU, World Zones 1 & 2). If a newsletter is not received, as long as stock is available it can be replaced if advised to Asempa as soon as possible either directly, via an organisational contact or agency representative, detailing said copies.

Asempa undertakes to fulfil subscriber claims for any missing issues going back one calendar year and only while the subscription is still valid. Asempa will, however, consider such claims for recently expired subscriptions.

Asempa takes no responsibility for the loss of hardcopies held in the care of its printer or mailing house or via its delivery service from Royal Mail or other courier services.


Delivery, Removals and Changes to content

Asempa Limited aims to ensure all new content is published promptly and accepts no responsibility for any delays in publishing content or any responsibility for the manner in which such content is issued. 

Asempa reserves full rights at any time to withdraw or change any item or part of an item within the site if new information comes to light and change is deemed desirable.

Multi-User License subscribers or Agents may find some clause variation regarding changes to content in their contracts, and so will need to refer to such terms.

Asempa will not recall printed versions of the publication, but online content relating to an issue or article may be removed or changed with immediate effect.


Third Party Sites and Services

Asempa does not carry advertising within the Africa Confidential website other than the display of event materials by Asempa’s chosen Media Partner organisations.

Asempa ensure that subscriber/account holder information is not passed on to any third party sites by its infrastructural setup. www.africa-confidential.com may contain links to other sites, which are owned, operated and provided by third parties independent of Asempa. Asempa’s Privacy Policy does not extend to any third party Sites.

All users of the Africa Confidential site are encouraged to read the Terms, Privacy and Cookie Policies of the site they have chosen to access via a supplied link displayed on the site. Third party content providers such as media partners are responsible for ensuring that any such materials or information gathered complies with national and international law.


Intellectual Property | Notice of Copyright ©

Asempa and its licensors hold the copyright in all material held on the Africa Confidential website and its e-mail or hardcopy services. No material may be re-sold or re-distributed without authorisation whether for the benefit or profit or not, or published elsewhere without Asempa’s prior written consent, save as authorised by a license with Africa Confidential or to the extent required by the applicable law.

No intellectual property rights in any Africa Confidential content are transferred to readers. Subscribers must strictly cite us in any academic or professional content. We take no liability for any misinterpretations in the use of our content.

Individuals and Organisation’s are prohibited from using any trade mark names or design logos of Asempa Limited or Africa Confidential and any other trade names associated with this website without the written permission from Asempa’s Marketing Department or the Board of Directors.

All copyrights reserved.


Limited Warranty

Asempa will endeavour to provide continuous access to all materials and services relating to the website and its Hardcopies, but cannot be held liable for any loss of service. Asempa will endeavour to inform users and visitors of this service of any updates and upgrades to the site where appropriate to do so, if it is believed the users' experience could be affected.

Asempa is not responsible for any third party software downloaded through this site, or for ensuring that the site is compatible with all browser software or devices, but intends to provide the service in a compatible manner at all times.

Asempa’s web developer takes compliant steps to ensure the site is secure and free from any unknown or threatening technologies at all times. Asempa is not responsible for any loss of data or hardware damage thought to be caused through usage of the site and Asempa takes compliant steps to provide high security measures via the website provider. All information passed to the site is protected by the provider and any associated payment merchant.

Asempa does not warrant the information on the Africa Confidential site, or on any site linked to it. 

Asempa does not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or lawsuit related to the use of information contained within Africa Confidential or any linked site. 

Users and visitors of the site must always reference Africa Confidential when its content has been used to form analysis and opinion. Asempa take no responsibility for organisations not doing so.


Force Majeure

Asempa Limited will not be held responsible or liable for any circumstances beyond its natural control.

Asempa Limited, and any of its service providers will not be held liable for failure, default or delay in performing its obligations to the user caused by a force majeure event which shall include any act of God, war, or threatened war, act or threatened act of terrorism, riot, lockout, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other events beyond our/its reasonable control.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts and no other.



Asempa Limited may, in its discretion, change these Terms and Conditions with no prior informed notice of such changes (including conditions involving use of its online services). Asempa Limited will ensure to inform all users of these changes whereby deemed strictly necessary to do so.

These Terms may change as a result of changes to our providers' Terms, or by technical or additional changes to its service not previously outlined to the user.

We may also make changes to any technical applications or services affiliated to this site without warning, but with the intention to inform all users of such changes.


Questions relating to the terms outlined above; please get in touch:

By email: gdpr@africa-confidential.com 

By phone: +44 (0)1638 743 633

By post:

Data Protection Asempa Limited Vine House, Fair Green, Reach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0JD, UK.


You are suggested to also read our revised Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy.

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