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Cookie Policy


Due to recent changes in European Law, all websites operating across the expanse of the European Union are required to ask users to consent to the use and storage of cookies and similar technologies. Organisations are required to clearly state to its users the number of cookies or similar technologies within its site(s), and to provide clear reasoning for their functions to the user.


What are Cookies?  Why are they used?

Cookies are small text and/or number files placed on your browser by the websites that you visit. Cookies are widely used to enable websites to work to their full functionality. They also provide information to the sites providers/owners with the sole aim to enable the best online experience for the sites visitors, and to help understand visitor preferences with the aim to provide content of a continued high standard. The use of cookies is now standard for most websites. 

All visitors of any website can change their preferences to enable/disable cookies. This can be achieved by visiting your ‘browser history’ or ‘cache’ on your internet providers control panel.


What types of Cookies exist?

Session cookies: Session cookies remain in your browser for the duration of a users visit to the website. They are then removed from your browser when you exit the site. Session cookies are usually provided as first party cookies.

Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies remain on a users device for the period of time specified by the particular cookie itself. If a user holds a persistent cookie for a particular website, it will be re-activated each time a visit is made to that site. Persistent cookies can be first or third party cookies.

Functionality cookies: These allow the website to remember any changes about your functional use of website, such as text size and language preferences.

Performance cookies: Performance cookies are used to generate information about your use of a website, such as visiting pages and providing website error messages to both the user and operator. These are not personally identifiable.

Analytical cookies: These are cookies similar to performance cookies. They can help provide anonymous statistics about the number of visits to a particular section of a website, or a particular subject or a website such as article views. They can be provided as first or third party cookies. Some websites have basic cookies which perform almost all functions to run a website, and are viewed as ‘strictly necessary’ for the site to continue to function.

First party cookies: These are cookies provided by the website operator of the site you are visiting. If you are visiting this site, we will place a first party cookie on your browser domain should you consent by action or ‘inferred action’. More information on inferred consent is provided within this policy.

Third party cookies: These cookies are set and provided by a different domain other than the site you are on (for example, this one). If a user visits a site where other cookies are placed by a separate entity to allow other functionalities, such as link clicks or social media plug-ins, this is classified as a third party cookie.


Do we use cookies on www.africa-confidential.com?

Yes. We use cookies to uphold website performance, in the aim of providing our users with the best navigation experience we can possibly offer. Our cookies are operated by our website provider, Bluemania*. The use of cookies on our site also helps us to distinguish you from other users, by the form of a session-ID function. 

You will be asked if you ‘Consent to Cookies’ per each device you use on our site.

*Bluemania is our site creator and business support provider who structurally maintain www.africa-confidential.com 

First party cookies on this site

We define the below cookie as ‘strictly necessary’ to allow our website to perform its basic service functions to the user.


There is one session cookie per unique visitor to our website. This cookie helps the site to distinguish visits between one user and another who visit the site at the same time and enables actions such as logging into accounts and access to articles to function. Data stored within this cookie is removed once a user closes the browser our website was present on. This cookie also enables purchases to be made, and recorded to our site for real-time check-ups when a unique user ID browser cookie ‘returns’.


Google Analytics

_utmb; _utmc; _unam; utmz; _utma

The above cookies are analytical cookies placed by our domain onto your browser; they are NOT classed as ‘strictly necessary’. These analytical cookies are persistent and help allow us to collect information about users behavioral visits to our site – such as the types of content they enjoy seeing, and to help us determine what functions of the site are less popular and thus where we may need to improve our engagement services. By initially accepting cookies to your browser, you are agreeing to using the above ‘not necessary’ cookie. These cookies are not personally identifiable, and are session-only in terms of duration.


Third party cookies on this site

We use third party cookies on our site. These cookies are present because we allow for social media plugins onto our platform. They may be used for tracking purposes, held outside of www.africa-confidential.com’s domain. Asempa is not held responsible for the implementation of these cookies onto a users browser. The length of each cookie changes frequently, and some cookies may be persistent whilst others only sessional.

You can learn more about these third party cookies by visiting the sites policies from which they originate.


act; xs; datr; presence; c_user; sb; wd; fr

The above Facebook cookies help collect information about visitors in order to provide personalized adverts and statistical data about visitors actions while navigating their site. These cookies also allow for users to sign in and engage with Facebook through a click of a widget on our site. We deem the above cookies as both persistent and analytical; they are NOT strictly necessary for the functionality of the site. You can remove these cookies from your browser settings; see how to further below in this policy.


_ga; ads_prefs; auth_token; dnt; eu_cn; guest_id; kdt; lang; metrics_token; netpu; personalization_id; remember_checked_on; syndication_guest_id; tfw_exp; twid; twitter_ads_id 

The above Twitter cookies help collect statistical data about performance and content improvement of adverts displayed to visitors on Twitter based on content that seems to interest users the most. The above cookies are also present in the form of widgets or website ‘plug ins’, allowing Twitter feeds of an organisation to be present on an organisation’s site. We deem the above cookies as both persistent and analytical, they are NOT strictly necessary for the functionality of the site. You can remove these cookies from your browser settings; see how to further below in this policy.

Google Search

_utmz; _utma

The above Google cookies help perform a content search on our website as a tool bar. This tool bar enables key words to be entered, to bring up relevant content from within our site to help users search for article content or other helpful links they may wish to find. This cookie is NOT categorized as ‘strictly necessary’.

This cookie refreshes frequently and is an analytical cookie, with a ‘persistent’ duration, remembering your browser searches each time it is used. You can remove these cookies from your browser settings; see how to further below in this policy.


Does www.africa-confidential.com use ‘similar technologies’ such as device fingerprinting or web beacons?

No, we do not personally use any of the above technologies on our website. We only use 'strictly necessary' functional cookies to operate content to the user. Access the relevant Cookie Policies on other third party sites to see if these technologies are present when you enter their domain via a link from www.africa-confidential.com. 


Does Asempa use Cookie data to sell customer information on to a third party?

No, we don’t. We take the use of your data and access preferences very seriously.


Cookies & User Consent

Your consent to the placement of cookies from this site

By continuing to use this website, you will be agreeing to the placement of cookies onto your device in order to a) allow us to analyse the way our website is used, and b) to allow a full service functionality to provide you with the best user experience when visiting our site.

If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies from this site onto your browser, you must not continue with using this site and alter your cookies preferences.


Cookie preferences and storage

Once you have given your consent to allow cookies from our site to your device, they are automatically recognised for each returning visit you make to our site.

All cookies are hosted by our website provider of whom created www.africa-confidential.com. Asempa works in conjunction with our provider to look after your data compliantly.


Controlling your Cookie preferences

You have full control on blocking and deleting any cookies relating to our site.

Once you leave our site, you can amend any cookies relating to our site via your web-browser settings - usually found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ section of the browser menu, or displayed in the form of a cogwheel. 

You will be able to view what cookies of ours your device holds and can have full control of whether you wish to block, delete or allow such cookies. If some cookies are blocked, you may be unable to use some parts of our site without them. Further information can be found in the ‘help’ section of your browser or simply compose an engine search on how to alter device cookies.

Please note cookies are saved separately to each device you use. If you have visited our site on more than once device and want to change your access preferences, you will need to do so on each device you have visited us with.


Withdrawal of Consent to Cookies

You may withdraw consent from cookies at any time. This can be done so by deleting all first and third party related cookies from your device as mentioned above. 

You can reinstate your consent any time you wish to re-visit our site. A consent bar will greet you, and you will be offered to provide your consent as a ‘new visitor’.

Further information can be found in the ‘help’ section of your browser or by composing a Google search on how to control your devices cookies.

You can also visit: http://www.aboutcookies.org/Default.aspx?page=2


When will this policy be updated?

If we intend to advance our site by introducing new or additional cookies, all users will be informed of such changes when re-visiting our site. You will need to read our cookies statement and will have the option to review a revised Cookie Policy for further information. Consent will once again be per device and does not does not extend out to other third party cookies as previously highlighted.

By clicking ‘I understand’ on the pop-up, these cookies will be saved to your device.

If you click outside the pop-up, and continue to interact with our site, your consent will be classified as ‘inferred’, and new cookies will be stored onto your device.


Have any cookie-related questions? Get in touch: 

By email: gdpr@africa-confidential.com 

By phone: +44 (0)1638 743 633

By post:

Data Protection Asempa Limited Vine House, Fair Green, Reach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0JD, UK.


This page was last updated on 24/05/2018.

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