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Population: 1.3m
GDP: $1.42bn
Debt: 35.5% of GDP (2024)

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Assoumani's way

Comoros's tenuous democracy appears under continuing threat as the confrontation between opposition and government after the contentious 24 March re-election victory of President A...

Grand Comore's turn

The presidential election in Comoros is heading for a run-off on 10 April after a disputed round of primaries on 21 February. Three candidates now compete to succeed outgoing Presi...

Sitting target

The overthrow of Colonel Mohamed Bacar's regime on Anjouan Island by 1,500 African Union troops and 600 Comoran soldiers took less than a day but does not guarantee more stability....

Green revolution

After the man his supporters call 'the Ayatollah' won the 14 May presidential poll with 58 per cent of the vote, people are waiting to see what President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sam...

Three into one

Once again, the islands quarrel and South Africa tries to reconcile them

Rival leaders seemed to have found a way out of years of coups and secessionist crises when they adopted a new power-sharing constitution in 2001. Now, tensions over implementation...

A man from Anjouan

It is Anjouan island's turn to fill the Union presidency after elections in April 2006. Leading candidates include:


Two small islands declare independence while demanding recolonisation by France

The Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros has again sprung a surprise on the world, with two of its three islands calling (separately) both for independence and for recolonisatio...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.