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Population: 16.48m
GDP: $34.41bn
Debt: 98.5% of GDP (2024)

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Against the odds, can the new ZiG currency tame inflation?

With 80% of business still priced in US dollars, many are sceptical of the latest monetary plan

Dropped into its sobering assessment of Zimbabwe’s economic prospects the IMF Article IV review team offered some qualified support for the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency on 28...

Government’s man subverts the resistance

Self-proclaimed leader Tshabangu takes over the opposition in parliament and backs plan to extend Mnangagwa’s presidential term

On 30 May, the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, appointed Sengezo Tshabangu as Leader of the Opposition, in what many are calling the end of opposition politics in Zimbabwe&rs...


Quid pro quo diplomacy

Ruto is backing the Harare's new currency – the  ZiG – in return Mnangagwa has confirmed support for Kenya's Odinga to chair the African Union next year

Quid pro quo appears to have been the name of the game in Kenyan President William Ruto's talks with Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the weekend.



A new gold standard

The finance ministry wants to use the country's gold to shore up its local dollars

Treasury officials say they are working on measures to stabilise the Zimbabwe dollar, including by linking its exchange rate to hard assets such as gold and creating a currency boa...


Opposition in turmoil as Chamisa quits

The main opposition party has been rocked by the resignation of its leader, who accuses ZANU-PF of political violence and sabotage

The Citizens' Coalition for Change (CCC), the only opposition party that presented any realistic threat to the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU ...

ZANU-PF's impostor plot

The ruling party sows discord in the opposition as a rogue activist sacks their MPs

Behind the bizarre shenanigans in which the speaker of parliament endorses the recall of at least 15 opposition MPs at the hands of a man widely believed to be working for the ruli...

Displaying 1-10 out of 593 results.