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Population: 16.53 mn.
GDP: $17.85 bn.
Debt: $9.33 bn.

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The 'Grace plot' thickens

The First Lady’s rivals are airing suspicions of a master plan to make her leader of the party and then, of the country

President Robert Mugabe has assembled a cabal to ensure that his wife Grace succeeds him as head of state, senior government and ruling party sources linked to Vice-President Emmer...

Passing and wielding the baton

The President's penchant for travel has not relieved any political pressure or distracted protestors from economic woes

Today, President Robert Mugabe hands over the Southern African Development Community chair to Botswana's President Seretse Khama Ian Khama, and next month he ends his year-long sti...

Ruling and unruly parties

The factions in ZANU-PF are providing most of the interest in September’s bye-elections, as the opposition continues to implode

Splits in the ruling party keep on growing as its factions thrive, even though President Robert Mugabe supposedly banned them.

Bye-bye unity

The opposition boycott should have made the bye-election campaigns easy for the ruling party. Instead, they are exposing deep splits and rancour

The campaigns for the 16 bye-elections on 10 June have not been the expected easy ride for the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, even though the Movement for Democra...

Illegal gold exports

Chinese business people are accused of smuggling gold out of the country with the connivance of senior ruling party officials

Securocrats and political bigwigs in President Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) are colluding with Asian entrepreneurs, mainly from China, ...

So far, so bad

The campaign against Mujuru continues and the opposition remains incapable of capitalising on ZANU-PF's difficulties

As the economy plummets and political infighting reaches fever pitch, Zimbabwe's state media chose to mark the 35th anniversary of the nation's Independence on 18 April, by splashi...

Bye any means

Renewed opposition factionalism means that some MPs are being recalled and bye-elections have to be held

Sixteen bye-elections, most of them triggered by the opposition, will be held on 10 June, parliamentary officials have decided. In the interim, the number could rise through furthe...

The mighty fall

ZANU-PF’s purge of the Mujuru faction is far from complete and the succession no clearer as Mugabe turns 91

Having removed Joice Mujuru from the leadership of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, the party seems unable to decide what to do next. Mujuru enjoyed strong popu...

Exit Mujuru, enter Mnangagwa

The Vice-President and her followers have fallen under Mugabe’s axe but her rival’s path to power is not guaranteed

It was only after the delegates had all trooped home from the ruling party's congress that President Robert Mugabe finally announced on 10 December his replacement for the purged V...

Displaying 51-60 out of 518 results.