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Population: 15.99m
GDP: $28.37bn
Debt: 64.9% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Cashing in on the crisis

As the country faces the worst drought for 30 years and inflation at over 440%, politically connected oligarchs see opportunities

Days after regional leaders called for dialogue across the political divide to resolve Zimbabwe's deepening crisis, police broke up a crowd outside the headquarters of the main opp...

Hungry for change

Opposition activists are determined to hold the government to account for a crisis that will see half the country in need of food aid next year

With 8.5 million people facing serious food shortages next year, the discovery that some senior state officials are profiteering by importing 17,000 tonnes of grain at double the w...


Mourning and machinations

The economic collapse overshadows the death of Mugabe, but it still presents opportunities for elite manoeuvrings

The death of Robert Mugabe means little to the majority of Zimbabweans. Not only are most too young to be aware of the liberation war and the dawn of black majority rule in 1980, b...

Cash at the generals' command

IMF-inspired austerity may cause distress but it is not allowed to affect the flow of cash from the Command Agriculture programme to regime figures

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube may be instituting deep, painful economic reforms to regain financial credibility abroad, but he has no control over the cash machine by which the mil...

Yes, we loved him once

Obituary: Robert Gabriel Mugabe, 21 February 1924-6 September 2019 – By Wilf Mbanga

William Shakespeare said it best in Julius Caesar: 'You all did love him once – and not without cause. What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?' Yes, we did love Rober...


Power play in Harare

The main opposition party wants an interim power-sharing deal. The government accuses it of using mass protests as a bargaining chip

Through the last 17 years of his rule, former President Robert Mugabe consistently dismissed claims of human rights violations as part of a Western plot to bring about 'regime chan...


Activists take on the crisis

As the economic meltdown boosts national resistance to the government, the main opposition party senses opportunity and regroups

Observing the success of mass protests in Algiers and Khartoum against highly militarised regimes, Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is planning a change i...

Running on close to empty

Shortages of fuel, electricity and bread are creating panic as the government faces a cash-flow crisis

Two weeks after the Zimbabwe government banned the use of foreign currency, the economy is reeling. Statutory Instrument 142, published without warning on 24 June, decreed that the...

Austerity first

The Finance Minister’s IMF-backed reforms will impose harsher cuts while aiming to end subsidies for elite farmers

Agricultural subsidy reforms that reach to the heart of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front's (ZANU-PF) patronage structure – which underpins the regime &...


Readying for protest

Mnangagwa tightens the noose on civil activists to distract attention from the faltering economy

The arrest of five civic activists on 20 May typifies the crackdown President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government is implementing. Aware of the penury into which most citizens are forc...

Displaying 51-60 out of 584 results.