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Population: 16.53 mn.
GDP: $17.85 bn.
Debt: $9.33 bn.

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Struggles with the economy

The ruling party’s skill at winning elections is as great as its grasp of the economy is weak. It is casting about for help and inspiration

It is becoming clear that the cost of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front’s July electoral victory is the loss of the financial credibility built up by Tendai...

ZANU-PF power struggles resume

With the election out of the way, the party resumes the postponed battle for the succession – and the knives are out

For a party that could so skilfully engineer the July national election, the Zimbabwe African National Union–Patriotic Front has been curiously inept at managing its own inte...

Van Hoogstraten in airline sell-off

Air Zimbabwe is under new management and looks set for privatisation. The new board wants to borrow from the notorious entrepreneur and ZANU-PF donor Nicholas van Hoogstraten

The state-owned national airline, Air Zimbabwe, has approached controversial British tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten for cash to help revive its operations. The programme may resul...

The sanctions card is worn out

Blaming the West and the MDC for the economy’s woes does not get more believable just because it’s repeated in New York and Washington

Zimbabwe celebrated World Food Day on 16 October in its own, idiosyncratic way. The local United Nations office took out an advert in the press pointing out, among other things, th...

Glencore and the fuel firms

The indigenisation board claims the commodity trader is financing a local front company to buy the country’s biggest fuel-trading firm

The proposed buyer of the national fuel distribution company Zuva Petroleum, Woble Investments (Private) Limited, is using the global commodities trader Glencore’s money for ...

ZANU-PF expands its business empire

The security chiefs and their political allies use diamond revenue to buy up a national fuel distribution company

The head of the firm FBC Holdings, John Mushayavanhu, is at the centre of a mysterious plan to buy a controlling stake in a national fuel distribution company, Zuva Petroleum. FBC ...

Gems make friends

After intense lobbying by Belgium, on 24 September the European Union lifted its ban on diamond imports from the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and its partners – Ma...

Sakunda fuels rumours

Takeover rumours surround the well-connected energy company Sakunda as its role in supporting ZANU-PF comes under ever greater scrutiny

Sakunda Energy, the fuel import and distribution company linked to the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, may be about to be taken over by the major international oil...

Mugabe shuffles the pack, again

The new cabinet is ill-equipped to face the economic and diplomatic challenges ahead but promotes some moderates and brings in some youthful talent

It took President Robert Mugabe and his advisors the best part of a month to name a cabinet that mainly redistributes the top jobs to the old political elite, sidelines some of the...

The waiting game begins

ZANU-PF restrains its exultation at electoral victory and the MDC its gloom as both contemplate the vast challenges ahead

Opposition reactions after President Robert Mugabe’s re-election and inauguration have lacked drama. Movement for Democratic Change supporters in urban strongholds believe th...

Displaying 101-110 out of 523 results.