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Population: 16.15 mn.
GDP: $16.62 bn.
Debt: $8.89 bn.

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A change of register

By seven to two, the Zimbabwe Constitutional Court ruled on 31 May that elections must take place before 31 July, a month after Parliament expires under the old constitution. Now, ...

Electoral roll on, roll off

President Robert Mugabe’s chances of holding elections acceptable to the Southern African Development Community before July have been dashed. This, however, owes more to the partis...

ZANU-PF wins the referendum

Tsvangirai’s MDC didn’t do enough to prevent the new basic law giving Mugabe’s party the right to decide who succeeds him

The real winners of the constitutional referendum were the hardliners of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. They now have a document that enshrines ZANU-PF's supr...

Vote now, pay later

All parties want the same result in the 16 March referendum but it holds dangers, especially concerning the presidential succession

The referendum on 16 March takes place less than a month after the starting gun was fired. No one doubts a favourable result but only the turnout will indicate the level of enthusi...

Girding up for the vote

President Robert Mugabe has placed allies in key positions as the draft constitution finally heads for a referendum

A referendum on Zimbabwe’s new constitution has been set for 16 March. Despite a challenge by the National Constitutional Assembly, a pro-democracy group, which was dismissed by Ju...

I chose the deputy

A vice-presidency is again vacant, sharpening choices about the constitution and creating openings for those outside the two main parties

Vice-President John Landa Nkomo died after a long illness on 17 January, aged 79. His death set in motion yet another tortuous competition for the vacant post among factions of the...

ZANU-PF's loss

Professor Reg Austin, one of the staunchest comrades of the Zimbabwe African National Union–Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), has resigned from the new Human Rights Commission. Austin had...

A test for the constitutions

This year’s much delayed elections could well yield surprises but companies are nervous about election tactics such as ‘indigenisation’ decreees

After a great deal of brinkmanship, President Robert Mugabe conceded in mid-December that elections could not be held before June 2013. During the first part of the year, therefore...

Look East again

Chinese investment will dominate Zimbabwe’s economic policy as President Mugabe’s new government finds itself short of friends in the West

President Robert Mugabe’s government has announced that it will be putting even more business the way of its Asian trading partners. This is after refusals by the United Stat...


Displaying 111-120 out of 513 results.