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Population: 15.99m
GDP: $28.37bn
Debt: 64.9% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Dollar curbs anger bigwigs

The central bank is restricting dollar exports in the face of strong resistance from the ruling elite

Government officials and bankers are 'narrowing options' for international transfers in US dollars because correspondent banks fear the United States government will punish them fo...

Clearing decks and debts

Hopes are high for a debt-repayment package, the next step on the road to new credit and investment but key reforms will be necessary

Zimbabwe has approached Algeria for US$900 million to help clear its debt-repayment arrears, financial sources in Harare have told Africa Confidential. Zimbabwe owes $1.8 billion t...

Mujuru goes for glory

The former Vice-President launches a new party which promises to be as much a challenge to Mugabe as to the opposition 

A new political era beckons for Zimbabwe with the emergence of People First (PF). At least, that's the hope of its founder, former Vice-President Joice Mujuru. Another big name is ...

Blow to yuan plan

China declines to circulate its currency in Zimbabwe and experts say that would do little to revive the economy anyway

President Robert Mugabe has come unstuck in his plans to circulate the Chinese currency, the yuan, in Zimbabwe. His government had hoped that such a project would ease a growing li...

Pepsi's political partner

The drinks company's lucky new 'indigenisation' partner just happens to be married to Robert Mugabe's niece

PepsiCo Incorporated has appointed Adam Molai, a businessman married to President Robert Mugabe's niece, Sandra Molai, as its partner for a new bottling plant in Zimbabwe, Africa C...

Grace plots for power

A cabal is backing President Mugabe's wife to replace Mnangagwa as Vice-President at the ruling party's congress next month

A dramatic bid, backed by President Robert Mugabe, to evict Emmerson Mnangagwa as one of the country's two vice-presidents, is set to dominate the national congress of the Zimbabwe...

End of ZANU-PF economics

The clearest sign that planning for the post-Mugabe era is under way is the open discussion of abandoning some of his most cherished policies

Zimbabwe is gearing up to introduce major economic changes to facilitate reconciliation with the International Monetary Fund, say sources in the Zimbabwe African National Union- Pa...

Opposition watches and waits

Factionalism is causing ZANU-PF serious by-election jitters, even though it is standing unopposed. The opposition is biding its time for 2018

The parties opposing the Zimbabwe African National Union–Patriotic Front have limited resources they are unwilling to waste on this month's three by-elections. They have now ...

The 'Grace plot' thickens

The First Lady’s rivals are airing suspicions of a master plan to make her leader of the party and then, of the country

President Robert Mugabe has assembled a cabal to ensure that his wife Grace succeeds him as head of state, senior government and ruling party sources linked to Vice-President Emmer...

Passing and wielding the baton

The President's penchant for travel has not relieved any political pressure or distracted protestors from economic woes

Today, President Robert Mugabe hands over the Southern African Development Community chair to Botswana's President Seretse Khama Ian Khama, and next month he ends his year-long sti...

Displaying 111-120 out of 587 results.