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Ghazouani is EU's new ally

The European Union's new €210 million 'cash for migrant control' deal with Mauritania marks an attempt to start rebuilding its status in the Sahel.

No bail-out on offer from Beijing

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has been wooing North Africa but his help doesn't extend to financial rescue packages

For President Kaïs Saïed's beleaguered and cash-strapped government, foreign interest – especially outside the usual suspects in the European Union – is regar...

Global alliances trounce human rights

Backroom machinations have landed Morocco the coveted chair of the UN’s leading human rights body

Elections to the presidency of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) are normally a routine affair. But this year, Israel and Morocco's concerns that the issues of the civi...

Royalty shows signs of stress

The King’s private life is causing alarm as questions about the succession increase alongside fears over drought and ‘normalisation’ with Israel

Deep discomfort in and out of the Palace is abroad over a resurgence of reports about King Mohammed VI's (M6) friendship with three Moroccan-German Mixed Martial Arts fighters with...


The Cairo price

The European Commission is hoping to unveil a wide-ranging deal to provide investment in a range of Egyptian economic sectors in exchange for continued cooperation on migration man...

Harsh economics and geopolitics loom

Another year of a weak currency and austerity, backed by the IMF, lies ahead as the crisis in Gaza poses deep challenges to Sisi and his circle

The inflationary surge that followed successive devaluations of the currency in 2022 will take time to ease, as further depreciation of the Egyptian pound is likely in 2024, while ...

Tebboune prepares to see off challengers

Strategic competition with Rabat over ties with Israel and the disputed Western Sahara keeps the region on edge

In the opaque world of Maghreb politics, mooted changes in the senior leaderships of Algeria and Morocco can send shockwaves across the region. But there is no sign that the econom...

Cash for no influence

A year after a handful of MEPs and European Parliament officials were arrested and €1.5 million in cash seized by police, the Qatargate 'cash-for-influence' scandal has also e...

Displaying 1-10 out of 635 results.