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Western Sahara

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Game of names

African leaders meet their European Union counterparts in Abidjan in late November with migration and increased European investment certain to dominate the agenda. However, an unli...

You say Morocco

The British personal injury and negligence law firm Leigh Day is preparing judicial review proceedings against Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over claims that Morocco is ...

Bid for Sahara rights

Two former United Nations officials are lobbying for human rights monitoring to be added to the Mission des nations unies pour le référendum dans le Sahara Occidental...

Kill the drill

The Norwegian-based company Aker Solutions has decided to stop providing oil services to its drilling rig in disputed waters off Western Sahara after Africa Confidential publicised...

Testing the offshore limits

Sahrawi officials are again trying to get the UN to intervene with oil companies drilling in disputed offshore areas

A legal battle may be brewing between the Polisario Front, which since 1973 has aspired to rule Western Sahara, and Norwegian oil services company Aker Solutions over offshore expl...

Senate for Morocco

About a month after the United States Senate passed a bill that, very unusually, affects the disputed territory of Western Sahara, Washington lobbyists Gray Global Advisors reveale...

No end to deadlock

The region has long been a bone of contention between Algeria and Morocco – and natural resource opportunities are forcing it up the agenda

The impasse over the sovereignty of the former Spanish Sahara is still preventing the five Union du Maghreb arabe (UMA) nations from achieving regional unity. Prospects of ending t...

Hello and good-bye

Just as United States-based Kosmos Energy is about to launch an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange to finance operations in Ghana’s Jubilee field, the Pol...

Stalemate in the Western Sahara

Algeria and Morocco remain at odds over independence for the disputed Western Sahara – and Polisario is frustrated

Under its most talented Foreign Minister in decades, Taieb Fassi-Fihri, Morocco is working hard to keep hold of the disputed Western Sahara (AC Vol 49 No 7). This adds to tensions ...

The ex-revolutionary front

Two dissimilar but durable leaders have more in common than might at first appear

There is a long, if surprising, alliance between two very different African leaders: the puritanical President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and the extravagant Colonel Moammar...

Displaying 1-10 out of 27 results.