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Western Sahara

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Unending endgame

Imagination and innovation are needed if a new war is to be prevented

Postponing rather than hoping to solve the Western Sahara problem, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has extended yet again the life of the UN Mission to the Western Saha...

Fishy business

As if the Western Sahara did not have enough tangles, an old debate about fishing rights has reemerged to weave fresh knots. Most of the fish that swarm off the 1,835 kilometres of...

Baker's big idea

A new drive for peace in Western Sahara is signalled by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan's choice of a new Special Envoy. Former United States Secretary of State James B...

Desert king

Is the 'people's King' preparing an initiative that would win him huge support at home by underlining the 'Moroccaness' of Western Sahara but could seriously compromise the United ...

Desert diplomacy

Hopes for peace revive but neither side may accept defeat in the referendum

Hopes of resolving the 25-year conflict in Western Sahara were sharply raised by the 7 December announcement of a referendum on the territory's future. Yet despite the success of f...

Face to face

The first official face-to-face talks between Polisario and Morocco, on the United Nations' referendum plan in Lisbon on 23-25 June, are being hailed as a breakthrough. Morocco had...

Baker's new brief

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan hopes former United States' Secretary of State James Baker, whom he appointed Special Envoy for Western Sahara on 17 March, has enough c...

Displaying 21-28 out of 28 results.