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Population: 16.53 mn.
GDP: $17.85 bn.
Debt: $9.33 bn.

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Scramble for the top

President Mugabe’s refusal to favour anyone for the party succession is leading not only to uncertainty but to a free-for-all for the top job

President Robert Mugabe’s continued stonewalling on the leadership succession threatens chaos as increasing numbers of politicians from the ruling Zimbabwe African National U...

Another Diamond raises cash for Harare

Promises of a bond issue and a revival in investment from a fund run by the former head of Barclays Bank offer a glimmer of hope for the government

After six months of unmitigated bad economic news, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has seized on the news that the Atlas Mara fund run by Bob Diamond, a former Chief Executive O...

Grace under fire

Farm seizures are damaging strong businesses but also threaten the availability of credit for the whole economy

A fresh wave of farm expropriation led by President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace Marufu Mugabe, has unsettled the few external lenders still supporting Zimbabwe's fragile economy. S...

Snakes on a plane

The latest crisis at Air Zimbabwe is mainly about politics, particularly the battle between the two factions competing for the succession

The factions supporting the two main contenders to succeed President Robert MugabeJoice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa – are fighting for control of the state airlin...

Unsuccessful successions

The leaders of the ruling and main opposition parties have something in common: an increasingly noisy campaign to persuade them to go

Managing successions in any political system is tricky while the incumbent is still alive: in traditional Shona culture it has been well nigh impossible. In different ways, Preside...

State corruption complicates succession battles

Each of the factions vying to succeed Mugabe is accusing the other of cover-up and grand corruption as reports emerge of multimillion dollar pay-offs

President Robert Mugabe's frequent trips to Singapore are for nothing more serious than treatment for cataracts, according Rugare Gumbo, the Spokesman for the ruling Zimbabwe Afric...

Falling out with the Mugabes

One of the presidential family’s business partners loses his mining rights after they fall out over a flat in Hong Kong

Zimbabwe has confiscated the platinum and copper interests of Hsieh Ping-sung without compensation after he fell out with President Robert Mugabe and his family, Africa Confidentia...

Wasting assets

Recent forays in search of investment have failed but there is a lack of urgency in government efforts to revive the economy

January has been more depressing than usual for the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). President Robert Mugabe had to cut short his annual leave and return ...

Gems may unpick European sanctions

Zimbabwe's business leaders, championed by Belgium's diamond barons, are trying to draw in new money

In what may be Zimbabwe’s best hope of reversing economic decline, a high-level delegation of top executives led by Charles Msipa, the President of the Confederation of Zimba...

Success needs succession

Mugabe may be approaching his 90th birthday but that does not make the naming of a successor more likely

The only certainty for Zimbabwe in 2014 is that the succession issue will not be resolved so long as President Robert Mugabe is still in control. It is widely agreed that no econom...

Displaying 81-90 out of 518 results.