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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 56.72 mn.
GDP: $395.42 bn.
Debt: $176.33 bn.

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Trial of strength at the top

The President asserts himself over Gordhan but the Finance Minister pushes back. An epic contest is shaping the country's future

Beleaguered President Jacob Zuma has just lost another round in his battle with a growing coalition of forces seeking his early exit. He is under attack from within and without the...

Guptas 'to leave SA'

The Gupta brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh, are in the process of moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, say sources in the governing African National Congress. Several of the famil...

ANC heads for the hills

The party is leaching urban support as the polls approach and hopes to compensate for it in the countryside

Under pressure from party leaders and supporters, and from a variety of bad decisions and a stagnating economy, President Jacob Zuma appears to have abandoned formerly key African ...

Zupta Inc.

The Gupta business family – brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh – has been catapulted on to South Africa's front pages since their friend President Jacob Zuma sacked Finance...

Zuma bows to business

A beleaguered president, facing charges of violating the constitution and under pressure on the economy, has grasped a lifeline thrown by business leaders

Delivering the State of the Nation address yesterday at the opening of what promises to be the South African Parliament's most turbulent year, President Jacob Zuma announced a seri...

Gordhan's short leash

The contract of the new South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan runs only until this year's local government elections, Africa Confidential hears from Treasury sources. The d...

Political earthquakes ahead

The local polls will be this year's first arena of conflict and re-alignment as the ANC fights for survival and the President picks his successor

The opposition has smelt blood and aims to give the African National Congress its toughest run since majority rule arrived in 1994. The ANC may lose key cities, especially the fina...

Jacob Zuma's costly week

The President kicked a hornets' nest when he sacked his Finance Minister. The ensuing crisis hit his authority and the economy

The impromptu alliance of African National Congress leaders and business interests which forced President Jacob Zuma to rethink his unilateral decision to sack Finance Minister Nhl...


Dissent dogs DA leadership

Lindiwe Mazibuko's political comeback has come to a sudden stop. Some feel ex-leader Helen Zille retains too much power behind the scenes

Once upon a time, Lindiwe Mazibuko was the golden girl of opposition politics: she was articulate, respected and quoted in the media every day. She was the youngest Democratic Alli...

EFF's economic roadshow

As Malema's following grows, a dialogue has begun with investors worried by talk of nationalisation and price controls

Foreign direct investment is vital to the South African economy and the only confident prediction is that there will be deep change. As Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters lo...

Displaying 91-100 out of 629 results.