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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 62.47m
GDP: $373.23bn
Debt: 75.4% of GDP (2024)

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ANC leaders wade into new ethics row

Risks persist of a return to state capture by corrupt businesspeople and politicians, argues the prime mover of the three-year Zondo investigation

On 22 June, a year after he released the conclusions of his marathon investigation into corruption, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo lambasted parliament and the executive for failing t...

Kyiv and Moscow give peace mission short shrift

After days of awkward and unproductive diplomacy, the economic consequences of the war will worsen for Africa – starting with the collapse of the grain deal

The African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia has exposed the chasm between the two countries – with Kyiv insisting on Russian withdrawal from its territory and Moscow insi...

As economic polycrisis deepens, business lends a hand

Corporate chiefs are going public on their fears about the economic slide and social chaos

After months of intense preparation, the two leading business umbrella groups – Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and Business for South Africa (B4SA) – launched a maj...

Arms in the night

Accusations of secret arms shipments to Moscow raise questions about Pretoria's non-alignment and its competence on security

Long-simmering tensions exploded when United States ambassador Reuben Brigety broke with diplomatic discretion last month and accused South Africa of secretly uploading weapons and...

Writing the next act

A new player steps on to the stage vowing to disrupt the status quo ahead of elections next year

Rise Mzansi, the brainchild of Songezo Zibi and allies, was launched with some grandeur on Johannesburg's Constitution Hill – home to the Constitutional Court and a symbol of...

Doubts greet the DA's 'moonshot' coalition

Light on policy, the biggest opposition party will have to work harder to beat the African National Congress

Just three days after John Steenhuisen, newly re-elected leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, announced a 'moonshot pact' with other parties ahead of the 2024 elections, t...

Now it’s Ramaphosa central

After four years of balancing factions in the ruling ANC, the President is concentrating power in his office

It was a more upbeat and energised Cyril Ramaphosa that took on critics this month complaining that he consulted too much and took too long to make decisions. Pointing out that he ...

Vote-getters and loyalists predominate

The President's reshuffle prioritises next year's elections instead of addressing the economy, infrastructure and electricity emergency

After serial delays and great expectations, President Cyril Ramaphosa brought in 10 new ministers for his reshuffle on 6 March with a wary eye on next year's general elections. It ...

How money talks in national elections

A law forcing political parties to disclose their funding has cast light on cash from three local billionaires and a Russian oligarch

With national elections due to be held next year, concerns are brewing over whether donations could be used to buy influence. Africa Confidential's analysis of declarations by Sout...


Displaying 41-50 out of 836 results.