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Population: 15.85 mn.
GDP: $16.38 bn.
Debt: $8.89 bn.

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Yom Ashura

Forgiveness and tolerance are key to Gambia and Senegal's celebration of the Islamic holy day of Yom Ashura (the tenth day of the Islamic New Year), this year on 8 January. In cont...

Wade's monumental error

A secret deal involving the sale of public land is financing an ugly statue and tourist centre, built under contract by a North Korean company

The latest grand projet from President Abdoulaye Wade - the US$30 million Monument de la Renaissance Africaine - has quickly become an extreme parody of bad government in the ey...

Wade's skyscraper legacy

Popular discontent and a lack of transparency threaten China's largest property development deal in West Africa

Kawsara in the Koran is one of the heavenly gardens promised to virtuous Muslims. In Dakar, it is the name of an ambitious property development, the Cité des Affaires Kaws...

The son also rises

The aged President is promoting a hereditary succession; the people would prefer affordable food

President Abdoulaye Wade took office in 2000, claiming democratic and economic credentials. Times have changed. After scandalous revelations about budgetary excess, his government&...

Local is national

The elections for local councils are about national issues and the opposition wants to make a point

At last Senegal's many opposition parties have decided to get together for local elections that are due on 18 May. Siggil Sénégal (Save Senegal), whose main component...

The Wade summit

Several varieties of uncertainty hang over the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) before its summit meeting in Dakar on 13-14 March. Unfinished buildings are scattered ac...

Wading in

President Abdoulaye Wade is grooming his son as his successor – and the rivals are getting jealous

The octogenarian President has just begun his second five-year term and ambitious politicians in Dakar are already worrying about the succession, due in 2012. They have two main re...

Wade gets his way

After the octogenarian President's electoral victory, the speculation about his successor will start

Two days after the 25 February election, President Abdoulaye Wade's supporters were celebrating noisily in Dakar's Place d'Indépendence and claiming victory. By 28 February,...

Displaying 61-70 out of 95 results.