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Population: 16.87m
GDP: $27.63bn
Debt: 74.3% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Man with a plan

A grand economic strategy is unlikely to help Macky Sall win popularity as well as revitalise the economy – some doubt it can do either

The latest development plan from President Macky Sall, the Plan Sénégal émergent (PSE), has won praise from leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and...

An early test

Local elections will show whether Macky Sall’s party can stand on its own. He must deliver on his promises to improve water and power supplies

Scheduled for 29 June, the local elections will be the first popularity test for President Macky Sall’s government since his election in March 2012. The mayor’s job is ...

Sall struggles to stay on course

The President needs big ideas to win elections and keep the faith of his allies, and turn around a sluggish economy. Yet he has been losing friends and momentum

President Macky Sall arrived in Paris on 4 December for the African security summit with a diminished entourage. Although he brought a full complement of ministers and soldiers, hi...

Shaky Sall seeks solace

The President has been enacting bold reforms and wiping out the Wade legacy of impunity – but the public wants action on more basic matters

Critical decisions over the future of legal action against Karim Wade are expected within days in Dakar, as Senegal’s anti-corruption court, the Cour de répression de ...

Presidential wobbles

The Obama visit was a welcome distraction for an increasingly shaky President Macky Sall, who is finding political support hard to maintain

President Macky Sall needs money. On his recent travels to Qatar, Gabon and Northern Ireland, where he attended the Group of Eight Summit in June as head of the New Partnership for...

The gay elephant

Homosexuality is illegal and subject to aggressive public hostility in Senegal, and with the United States having so recently legally enabled gay marriage, it was an elephant in th...

Clean sweep slows down

President Macky Sall is under fire as he casts about for an alliance to meet the coming electoral challenges

The 65% of the vote which carried President Macky Sall to victory over Abdoulaye Wade in March last year was always about who he wasn’t, not who he was. Sall made many election pro...

Wade’s barons under scrutiny

Those who said new President Sall was too compromised to go after crooks from Wade’s time in office have been proved wrong

The novelty of being invited at all times of the day and night to turn up at the Gendarmerie in Colobane wore off long ago for former ministers and other senior figures from the Pa...

Displaying 61-70 out of 130 results.