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Population: 16.87m
GDP: $27.63bn
Debt: 74.3% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Wade’s barons under scrutiny

Those who said new President Sall was too compromised to go after crooks from Wade’s time in office have been proved wrong

The novelty of being invited at all times of the day and night to turn up at the Gendarmerie in Colobane wore off long ago for former ministers and other senior figures from the Pa...

Selected heads roll

After Macky Sall’s presidential victory, the judiciary are targetting many of his predecessor’s business and religious friends

No witch-hunt. That was Macky Sall’s message after he won a resounding mandate with two-thirds of the vote in the presidential run-off in March. Now he hopes he has extended his po...

Senegal ousts Wade

Dakar’s streets were just as joyful as those of Bamako at the fall of their long-term leader, although Senegalese were relieved that the agent of change was electoral and peaceful....

Habre hangs on

Macky Sall’s election as President of Senegal has caused many to wonder if Chad’s ex-President Hissène Habré will still be welcome.

Wade poll shock

President Abdoulaye Wade’s failed to clear the 50% hurdle in the first round of the presidential election on 26 February and must slug it out again on 18 March.

Wade rallies

After looking distinctly lacklustre in recent weeks, President Abdoulaye Wade’s prospects for re-election have brightened considerably while the opposition looks divided and riot p...

Wade digs his heels in

The President shows a steely determination to get himself re-elected, leaving electors asking if the opposition can match him

The prospects for massively increased violence in Dakar are strong after several people died in the last days of January during opposition rallies against President Abdoulaye Wade....

President Sall’s priorities

Macky Sall is auditing the government of his predecessor and choosing which of his projects the new government will pursue

Macky Sall will celebrate his first 100 days in office in July. The new President is making discrete changes to relations with Asian countries established under his predecessor, Ab...

Macky Sall

President of Senegal

Macky Sall was sworn in as President on 2 April. His victory in the second-round runoff ended Abdoulaye Wade’s twelve years in power, along with his attempts to secure a third term...

Displaying 61-70 out of 122 results.