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Population: 15.85 mn.
GDP: $16.38 bn.
Debt: $8.89 bn.

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Wade gets his way

After the octogenarian President's electoral victory, the speculation about his successor will start

Two days after the 25 February election, President Abdoulaye Wade's supporters were celebrating noisily in Dakar's Place d'Indépendence and claiming victory. By 28 February,...

Senegal Elections 2007

Turnout was high across Senegal, with early results giving the President a lead and indicating a strong showing by the formerly governing Parti Socialiste

Voting was colourful in the city of Thies, 70 km to the east of Dakar and Senegal's second most populous city. Men and women, young and old, turned out after mosque prayers in thei...

No deal for Seck

After weeks of negotiations, many expected President Abdoulaye Wade to announce the return of former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck to the governing Parti Démocratique Sé...

Crossing the river

Since March, fighting has raged between rebels and troops in Senegal's southern Casamance province, driving more than 10,000 refugees across the border. Rebel fighters crossed too:...

Sopi and Seck

Wade's winning slogan was 'Sopi' (change); now he faces the same demand from his old rival

Accusations that former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck is 'threatening state security' are heating up politics in the lead up to next May's parliamentary elections. Seen as a potentia...

Too much sopi

Though President Wade is criticised for his frequent changes, Senegal is seen as a bastion of stability

After waiting all his life to be president, Abdoulaye Wade is making up for lost time (AC Vol 43 No 9). Since his triumphant defeat of Abdou Diouf in 2000, President Wade has made ...

Rallying round

Sindiély Wade, daughter of President Abdoulaye Wade, chose to compete in the Paris-Dakar rally the one year the rally came nowhere near the Senegalese capital. Part of Nissa...

Wage inflation

Senegal's 1-0 quarter-final defeat by Turkey this week means that an African soccer team has not yet reached a World Cup semi-final (Cameroon lost a 1990 quarter-final to England)....

Wade's wide world

Strong at international conferences, the President faces criticism at home

High on the world stage, President Abdoulaye Wade hosted on 14-15 April an ambitious investors' conference for the New Partnership for African Development (NePAD), while trying to ...

Displaying 71-80 out of 97 results.