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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

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Stepping back from the brink

The President nearly broke up his coalition with his predecessor but backed off at the last minute. He still wants a way out

The announcement on 21 October that President Félix Tshisekedi would address the nation in two days generated fevered anticipation that he would dismiss his government, dissolve th...

Fury greets Gertler report

The mining billionaire denies any link to online abuse aimed at an investigative consortium’s report on money-laundering and grand corruption

Early last month, a joint investigation by news media and NGOs claimed mining magnate Dan Gertler had set up a money-laundering ring which apparently allowed him to evade United St...

Ballots and bishops

There is uproar over the choice of a new electoral commission head many fear will make the 2023 elections as dubious as the last

It was just like old times. Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and other Congolese cities have just witnessed noisy demonstrations by civil society organisations, churches and oppositionists den...

A golden hoard

Artisanal gold production funds local militias and is exported from neighbouring countries. A UN report invites more scrutiny of the trade

Artisanal gold exports from eastern Congo-Kinshasa have been high for some time, but no formal figures are available because nearly all production is unrecorded and informal. Betwe...

Damning the parks

Although the government plans to increase the area of Congo-Kinshasa's national parks from about one-tenth to one-fifth of the vast nation, threats against those that already exist...

Gertler tries to dodge sanctions

By setting up new secret companies and hiring legal advisors close to Donald Trump, the Israeli billionaire plans to counter US penalties

Israeli mining tycoon Dan Gertler's latest plan to sidestep sanctions on his companies in Congo-Kinshasa will test the seriousness of Washington's efforts to crack down on corrupti...

The Kabila Strain

The health damage is not yet clear, but the economic consequences of the virus are grave, as the previous and current presidents squabble

The Covid-19 pandemic took until the middle of March, when the first domestic cases were reported, to rouse the government. Then, on 18 March, President Félix Tshisekedi ann...

Why Africa is key to Green Economics

Strategic minerals on the continent will power the electric vehicle revolution and a restructured energy industry

More than any other continent, Africa has copious reserves of the vital minerals central to the transition to sustainable energy in the leading industrial economies.


Clash of the kings

Fighting for control over revenues and security, President Tshisekedi is in a standoff with supporters of his predecessor Joseph Kabila

Senior officials in the two coalitions which run the country – the Front commun pour le Congo (FCC) and the Cap pour le changement (CACH) – are at a stalemate. For several days in ...

Displaying 11-20 out of 494 results.