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Population: 6.37 mn.
GDP: $51 bn.
Debt: n/a

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Beijing and Delhi change tack

The crisis in Libya is exposing foreign policy contradictions across the world – including among Asia’s rising powers

China and India, like many Western and African states, have torn up their diplomatic rule books as the crisis in Libya moves from revolution to civil war. First to go was Beijing’s...

Solid foundations

Chinese traders in Tripoli are watching closely to see how the Western-led attacks on Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi’s regime will affect business in the short term. South Korean and C...

Oil, money and infighting

As Tripoli hosted a summit for Africa and Europe, the Libyan leader berated his European counterparts for lack of attention to Africa, although his own commitment to his country's ...

Gadaffi's Jacob and Esau

With its control of state revenue - amounting to over US$400 billion – for the past four decades, the Gadaffi family has become a sprawling, opaque and sometimes quarrelsome busine...

Gadaffi guns for Seoul's spy

An espionage row is holding up progress on a US$438 million project.

An espionage row in which Libya expelled one of Seoul’s secret agents is holding up progress on a US$438 million project signed on 6 August between South Korea’s Daewoo Engineering...

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Musa Kusa

Foreign Affairs Minister, Libya

Libya's Foreign Minister Musa Kusa was among the first of a wave of African ministers who are loudly and publicly criticising China's activities. In a 10 November interview with...

A new diplomatic deal after four decades in power

Forty years after his El Fatah Revolution, Libyan leader Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi gave his first address to the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September with a meandering, 94-minute speech from which Western leaders made sure they absented themselves. The upset caused by the homecoming celebration for Abdelbaset al Megrahi, convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, showed that Gadaffi's diplomatic rehabilitation was far from complete, despite his regime's abandoning its nuclear weapons programme in 2003 and reopening its oil industry to foreign investors.

Sporting a rust-brown robe and a black cap, Moammar el Gadaffi opened his address to the General Assembly with a greeting to 'our son Obama' on behalf of the 1,000 African kings he...

Displaying 51-60 out of 99 results.