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Population: 6.37 mn.
GDP: $51 bn.
Debt: n/a

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Storm over SA mercenaries in Libya

Ex-soldiers and police officers recruited in Cape Town helped some of Gadaffi’s family escape to Algeria but another team was less successful

Two teams of South African mercenaries are believed to have helped members of the Gadaffi family to escape from Libya and may have tried to save the late Libyan leader, Moammar el ...

Recognised but risky

Transitional National Council leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil had a hero’s welcome at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on 20 September but Africa was deeply divided over ...

The Gadaffi clan scatters

After the collapse of the Colonel’s regime, its successors intensify the hunt for its chieftains and its assets

Reports of Gadaffi family deaths and flights by regime stalwarts to neighbouring countries have been greatly exaggerated but as Africa Confidential went to press, the signs were th...

You can take the Africa out of Libya

Speculation is rife about what Libya’s new rulers will do with Gadaffi’s immense investment portfolio in sub-Saharan Africa

The strange thing about taking over the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (Lafico), its head told Africa Confidential some years ago, was just how variable its assets could be...

Lobbying on

Just as Mozambique’s Resistência Nacional Moçambicana threatens to return to violence, the man who championed it at the height of its atrocities has surfaced in papers found in the...

Gadaffi falls, revolution rises

Declaring victory after six months of war, the new regime in Tripoli has rejuvenated the Arab Spring and may promote political change further south

With its victory over the forces of Moammar el Gadaffi this week, the Transitional National Council (TNC) has proved it has more staying power than suggested by its initial hesitan...

Running on empty

The offensives by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the brave but shambolic Transitional National Council fighters show no sign of overwhelming Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi’...

Rebels edge closer to Tripoli

Running out of options, Gadaffi declared in his birthday speech on 7 June that he would choose ‘death before surrender’

As the rebel war to drive Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi from power stretches out, public support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s intervention is weakening. However, NATO ...

Chaos keeps Gadaffi in the game

A humanitarian disaster threatens as the regime struggles to survive

The prevailing chaos in Libya shows what can happen if a popular uprising goes wrong – and where Egypt and Tunisia could have ended up. The number of refugees surging across the Tu...

Zuma to the shores of Tripoli

The AU mission to Libya was an abject failure but the South African leader got a chance to catch up with an old pal

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma led an African Union peace mission to Libya on 11 April. The mission quickly fell apart, which did nothing for the AU’s poor reputation for conf...

Displaying 61-70 out of 127 results.