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Population: 6.37 mn.
GDP: $51 bn.
Debt: n/a

news from Libya

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Death drives

Ibrahim el Bishari, until recently Libya's Arab League Ambassador, died in a car crash on 13 September. This was barely two weeks after Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi's government real...

Prize and prejudice

The United States' government has moved to prevent what it claims to be a 'Libyan front organisation' in Geneva from paying $250,000 in prize money to militant American leader Loui...

Man-made floods

Despite major questions about its value, Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi is pressing ahead with his Great Man-Made River. He has promised South Korea's Dong Ah Construction and Industri...


US companies fear their Libyan oil holdings may be picked off by European rivals

When President Bill Clinton hosted President Jacques Chirac in January, a crucial item was missing from the summit agenda: Libyan oil. The omission is extraordinary as a row over t...

Displaying 121-126 out of 126 results.