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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Population: 18.64 mn.
GDP: $11.69 bn.
Debt: $2.82 bn.

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General's quarters

The government has revoked the appointment of the former transitional Prime Minister, General Yacouba Isaac Zida, as Ambassador to the United States over corruption allegations. A ...

The long arm of Al Qaida

Last month's bombings in Ouagadougou could signal a much bigger campaign of attacks in Africa

Al Qaida's military-security chief Seif el Adel is suspected by Western security experts of having played a key role in the bombing of the Splendid Hotel and the Café Cappuc...

Blaming Blaise

Ouagadougou is awash with speculation about connections between the jihadists who attacked the capital on 15 January and ex-President Blaise Compaoré's now-disbanded Praetorian gua...

President on probation

The new leader will have to stick to his big promises. Society has acquired a taste for justice and scrutiny and is in no mood for excuses

President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré received a solid mandate from the electorate in November and the election received a clean bill of health (AC Vol 56 No 24). A banker and one-t...

Vive la différence

In one of the continent's most peaceful transitions, Burkina Faso has elected a new President. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré romped home in the first round with 53.49% of the vote, ag...

The General's last days

Now the coup leader is in custody, extraordinary details are emerging about the country's latest escape from military rule

'We have the black box of the Compaoré regime,' said Nestor Bassière , Vice-President of the Union pour la renaissance-Parti sankariste (Unir-PS), to Radio Omega. He meant Genera...

The people take on the putschists

After launching a coup, soldiers loyal to ousted President Compaoré face conflict with the national army and activists on the street

The presence of coup leader General Gilbert Diendéré, flanked by soldiers from the Régiment de sécurité présidentielle (RSP), to welcome West African leaders at Ouagadougou airport...


Guards old and new

The latest round of the angry confrontation between ex-President Blaise Compaoré’s elite bodyguards, the 1,300-strong Régiment de sécurité présidentielle, and its former deputy com...

The code breakers

Supporters of the ancien régime are resisting a new electoral code which bans many of them from standing for election. The National Transition Council has excluded from Octo...

Displaying 11-20 out of 47 results.